Backstage Update – How WWE Is Booking Paige

The WWE creative team is reportedly booking new Divas champion Paige to beat low-level Divas such as Aksana and Alicia Fox so the fans can get to know Paige and her in-ring style more.

WWE officials believe that having by having Paige work with Aksana and Fox, she will develop more in the ring and become more supported by fans when it comes to PPV matches, like her upcoming match with Tamina Snuka at Extreme Rules.

Source: The Wrestling Observer

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  1. Gilbert Noreau says:

    well, her botched olympic slam should make Angle cry in his bed and never want to sign again with wwe, it is terrible !!

    • BeastieRunner says:

      It’s a modified Russian Leg Sweep.

      It’s helps to have women that know how to take it, like Emma, Natttie, etc.

      Also I though she was using the Scorpion Cross Lock as her finish now?

  2. TC says:

    Putting Paige against low level divas isn’t going to make her better in the wrestling ring. Because low level divas, who don’t perform well, who can’t sell tickets, who aren’t marketable are the ones, who usually get fired. She has the same finisher that Kurt Angle had in the WWE. I think the WWE needs to stop covering up for her, and she needs to wrestle better competition.

    But, most of those WWF/WWE divas aren’t there anymore. Let’s call it what it is the WWE Divas talent pool isn’t the same as it was like 12, or 13 years ago. It’s all different. I think this is more just of a talent issue than anything else.

  3. wmstudio says:

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  4. Victor Kwon says:

    It’s sad that an experienced, fairly polished wrestler like Alicia Fox is considered a “low level” wrestler. I shudder to think who “high level” divas are… The Bellas? Summer Rae? Don’t get me wrong I like them and they’re getting a lot better in the ring but their matches are still full of botches.

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