Backstage Update – Plans & **SPOILERS** For WWE MITB

This year’s WWE Money in the Bank PPV will feature only one Ladder Match for a shot at the world title [at a later date] this year.

One idea that was being discussed was that the match would be held for the world title itself instead of a future title shot, but WWE has apparently reverted to a match for a future title shot. Cesaro is said to be the early favorite to win the match.

Source: The Wrestling Observer

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  1. taylor.michael22 says:

    Wow, So the **spoiler** for the money in the bank pay per view is…. There will be a MITB match for a future title shot…. Didn’t see that 1 coming !!!!!
    Next up…. There will be a big cage with a roof on it at the next hell in a cell pay per view… Stay tuned !!!!! Jesus !!!!!

  2. 789kid321 says:

    They should have a ladder match in a much higher hell in a cell. Haha dont mind me. Too many brownies

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