Breaking News: AJ Styles Leaving TNA

A.J. Styles appears to be departing from TNA for the first time since the company’s formation in 2002. Styles’ current contract extension expires on the 16th of the month and he will be a free agent after that; he has already begun taking independent bookings.

Styles and TNA reportedly couldn’t come to terms on money; with the company trying to cut costs, the two sides have had a wide gulf in the amount of money they wanted the deal to be for and despite the two-month extension signed in October, they were unable to work things out. TNA was unable to offer Styles what he had been making and Styles, who felt he was a big part of the company and its brand, wouldn’t agree to a lesser deal.

The departure of Styles has reportedly “sent a bad signal” to other TNA originals who have deals coming up; the message is that the company will lose their originals if they can’t make a deal fit their financial requirements. Styles is moving forward with outside projects such as his autobiography and his participation in a speaking tour of the UK next year.

More as we get it.

UPDATE: As noted earlier, AJ Styles is not only accepting independent wrestling bookings in 2014, but is looking for regular bookings in the first quarter of 2014. According to reports, the reason for this is that AJ Styles will be officially parting ways with TNA next week. AJ has already reached out to ROH regarding a return if WWE isn’t interested. In the past, WWE hasn’t been interested in Styles. We’re told AJ is open to all indy bookings at this point. As you can imagine, numerous promotions are interested in him.

We’re told Styles will NOT be appearing at ROH Final Battle in New York City as the show takes place this Saturday, December 14th. At that time, he’s still under contract with TNA.

The current contract that Styles is under with TNA right now is set to expire on December 16th. As of December 17th, AJ Styles will officially be a free agent and can work anywhere he wants.

We will have more details on this story on Monday morning.

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  1. TC says:

    AJ Styles should be in the WWE.

  2. I like boobs says:

    Surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble! juuusssttt kidding

  3. Creature_of_the_Night says:

    Good riddance to Allen Neal Jones.

    Obviously not a team player.


    TNA will be better off without him. And save money – Allen doesn’t have the charisma to demand such money.

    Allen is an overrated spot monkey.

  4. Creature_of_the_Night says:

    I have a feeling Allen Neal Jones was strong-arming TNA.

    They made him champ at their biggest show of the year – THAT ALONE says Dixie wanted to keep him – no way she would have done that if they wanted to kick him out the door.

    And these negotiations have been going on a long time.

    I have a feeling Allen was asking for more money than he is worth – Jones doesn’t get a pop say that a Jeff Hardy or Kurt Angle gets.

    I bet he was offered good money – more than he will make in ROH, as much as I love that company also.

    Allen is overall overrated, and doesn’t have the charisma that a Hardy or Roode has, or mic skills….he’s boring in the Danielson/Brooks mold.

    TNA, creative, and Dixie were smart for letting him go because he is easily replaced and I think was being greedy….asking for more than he is worth – I don’t think Styles merch is flying off the shelf.

    I bet morale in the lockerroom isn’t hurt by this and they feel the same way – like I say – they made him champ at their showcase event and worked with him for MONTHS to keep him – and gave him A LOT of tv time and big time segments – he probably didn’t give in and had a big head and asked for too much.

    By all indications, it appears that TNA made a good effort to keep him.

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