Could Christian Be Leaving WWE Shortly?, Details

At this time, there looks to be talk that Christian’s career as an in ring performer for WWE may be over. Christian won a four way match on RAW this week and was set to challenge for the IC Title on Main Event, but had to be pulled after suffering a “slight concussion”.

Word is that Christian could retire as an in ring performer when his current contract expires. There have reportedly been talks of retirement prior to this week, due to Christian being 40, creative not really having much for him and also due to his injury history over the last few years. The concussion on Monday was the second one he suffered this year.

There is talk that if he does retire that he would make a great trainer down in NXT, if he is interested in that position.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Necro Botcher says:

    I think he should do it. He’s pretty much done everything he’s gonna do. I still resent him for going to TNA but despite that he’s had a good C+ career.

    Fare thee well, Christian.

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