Is WWE ‘Cooling Off’ On Daniel Bryan Already?, Details

A new report suggests that there are higher-ups in WWE who are concerned that Daniel Bryan isn’t actually over with crowds and that instead the “YES!” chant is what is getting over. They feel that Bryan “plateaued” when he won the title at WrestleMania 30. You know, since clearly moving from a feud with Triple H and Stephanie into one with Kane is going to get him more over with the fans. Sigh … this is the WWE mindset though. Also keep in mind he took very little time off after his father passed away.

Bryan is said to have very little ego backstage, which is good but could also work against him because he doesn’t argue his position with creative or higher-ups and does what he’s booked to do.

Partial Source: Pwinsider

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  1. Shawn Harrington says:

    Yeah because the 3min solid “Daniel Bryan” chants he’s been getting prove he’s not over… ugh, BS reports. Also how would anyone really know since he’s been off tv for several good reasons.

  2. Necro Botcher says:

    I’m not sure I believe this, Ryan. Especially when you see how much merch Bryan moves and how he STILL gets massive reactions. I don’t think anyone is “cooling” on him.

    You should be more skeptical of what you choose to report.

    • Philip Vanderheyden IV says:

      Don’t go there Necro.. he might argue, then realize you’re right, then delete the comments made and lock the comments for the thread. Happened to me..

      • Necro Botcher says:

        I like Ryan. I really do.

        He just reports a lot of garbage that I think he knows is garbage. He publishes it because, hey, it’s news.

        • o.O says:

          Except this isn’t news. Posing a question as a headline is far from news and the needle is in the rumor area. Reporting something might be occurring isn’t confirmed news. I think Ryan had a slow news day and was just trying to fill in the site. I’ve noticed he does that often if there is nothing going on. Prime example is his “updated” story on Sting and the contract that he was sent but hasn’t signed yet that had no new facts whatsoever than the article he had just written 3 days before.

  3. Nas says:

    Give him a real fued!!

  4. BeastieRunner says:

    A rule of journalism is that when the headline is a question, the answer is always, “Yes.”

  5. TC says:

    Well, the WWE should have never made Daniel Bryan WWE World Heavyweight Champion then. What is the WWE trying to do fake Bryan being injured? He doesn’t even really defend the world title. I don’t agree that the fan’s are cooling on him. I feel the WWE is cooling on Bryan. The reality is the WWE doesn’t know who to book to fight against Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship. How about Roman Reigns face Daniel Bryan after Reigns comes off of his injury, or maybe Big E Langston.You still have Dolph Ziggler, so use him as well.

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