MAJOR UPDATE – The Rock & WWE – Legit Injury?, Rematch?

In an update to our earlier reports, The Rock’s injury (torn abductor and abdominal muscles) is reportedly a legitimate injury. We’re told The Rock left the WrestleMania 29 pay-per-view abruptly after learning of the injury. He booked a flight home late Sunday night as he wanted to be home where he has doctors he trusts and is also about to film Hercules soon. He obviously doesn’t want to lose that role. As previously reported, most within WWE did not know why he left and there was heat on him at first, though that’s mostly gone now. There are some talents who are still upset, saying that if they can work a match hurt than Rock could have at least cut a promo. WWE wasn’t informed into late afternoon on Monday which required massive rewrites as previously reported. It was described as “chaos” backstage at RAW during the afternoon hours.

It was noted on Monday night’s RAW that The Rock is still the #1 contender to the WWE Title and will get a rematch against current WWE Champion John Cena. No word yet on when WWE is planning that rematch but it’ll be hyped up as the “grudge match” between the two. It all depends on how fast The Rock can return. I’m guessing the original plan was to have them headline Extreme Rules but that’s not confirmed by any means.

UPDATE x 6: As previously reported, The Rock went home after he was told that he had torn abductor and abdominal muscles following his WrestleMania match. According to sources, he went home in order to receive treatment due to the fact that he has to begin filming Hercules: The Thracian Wars very soon.

Most within WWE did not know why he left and there was heat on him at first, though that’s mostly gone now. There are some talent who were still upset, saying that if they can work a match hurt than Rock could have at least cut a promo. WWE wasn’t informed into late afternoon which required massive rewrites as previously reported.

We also reported last week here on the website that The Rock hasn’t been cooperative recently backstage. We’re not sure what the exact cause was or whether it is related to the storyline with John Cena or him promoting his movies but there’s been some sort of issue that’s kept The Rock unhappy as of late. We hope to have more soon.

UPDATE x 5: The Rock confirmed an injury at last night’s WrestleMania, posting the following to Twitter:

In the middle of last nights Wrestlemania match I tore my abdomen & adductor muscles off the bone. Just part of the job. But as we know..

..It’s all about #JustBringIt. WWE Universe THANK YOU for all the love & well wishes. Means everything to me. #LeaveItAllInTheRing

UPDATE x 4: The reason The Rock will not be at RAW tonight is apparently due to an injury. The news that Rock is injured is coming from a source close to The Rock and no one spoken to backstage at RAW has heard of it. This may be an excuse to try to cover things up. Nonetheless, the nature of the injury is not yet known, nor how severe it is. There is much more to this story than him just being injured. We are working on those details now.

UPDATE x 3: As we noted earlier, The Rock replied to Dana White at 6:00 AM ET this morning with the following:

@danawhite Appreciate that brother! A helluva show. My tequila bottle awaits when I get home. Can’t wait for #UFC159. #Bones

The last message that he sent was a reply to a fan at 7:53 AM ET and his account has been quiet since.

UPDATED x 2: The Rock was actually scheduled to open RAW tonight with a promo about losing the WWE Title to John Cena, only to be attacked and taken out by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. This would setup the WrestleMania 30 main event. With The Rock taking off without notice, WWE is trying to re-write the show. One person backstage described the scene as “chaos.”

UPDATED: The Rock is not at RAW tonight and WWE is trying to re-write major portions of the show.

We’re told The Rock left for Los Angeles this morning, catching WWE completely off guard. There is major heat on him for leaving and there was said to be “absolute chaos” backstage at RAW. This is not part of an angle, as The Rock had been worked into WWE’s future plans and was scheduled to be part of a major angle tonight to setup a program with Brock Lesnar or the Undertaker (more likely Lesnar) for WrestleMania 30. All those plans have now been thrown out.

ORIGINAL: There is panic backstage at RAW right now. The show was scheduled to build to a segment where Brock Lesnar beat up The Rock to set up next year’s WrestleMania main event. The problem: Rock is not there and has reportedly gone home. Vince McMahon, the writers and producers are in the process of redoing the show, evidently believing the angle has been nixed. Nobody knows any details as to what happened past that. As of this time, the belief is that Rock is not appearing.

Also, there is a second major angle tonight to set up the main feud going forward and the Extreme Rules main event involving John Cena’s next title defense. Word is that it is one of the things that has been planned for some time and was actually scheduled before Mania.

More details as they come…

Source: The Wrestling Observer

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