Report: Batista’s WWE SummerSlam Opponent?, Fan Incident?

WWE is talking about three names to possibly face Batista at SummerSlam this year: John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and CM Punk.

With CM Punk not likely to return to WWE, it looks like Batista will face either Cena or Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Also, there was reportedly an incident at last night’s WWE house show in Winnipeg, Manitoba between Batista and a local DJ who was sitting at ringside. The person in question was a local morning DJ named Cam Carson, who works for Power 97 in Winnipeg. The station was promoting the show and was listed as a sponsor for the event.

According to a live report, Batista was seen jawing with Carson before a match. When Batista returned to the ring, Carson hit Batista in the back/shoulder area. This then led to Batista forcefully shoving him down. Carson then reportedly tried to jump the railing but was stopped and spoken to by security, who then allowed him to remain. Batista then wrestled a match against Big Show.

Later on, Batista flipped off Carson as he passed him while circling the ring. Carson then started “losing it” and tried to jump the railing again, at which point he was walked out by security. It’s not been confirmed if this was a publicity stunt or legitimate. WWE performers who physically interact with fans in an aggressive way are legitimately fined by the company. Mark Henry previously said it was a $10,000 fine during an interview.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

UPDATE: Below is an image of the incident posted on Twitter.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. MicCheck says:

    Big surprise batistabum is a great example of what makes WWE look stupid for their talent pushes. The Guy is hated by the universe but they sure will put the strap back on that metrosexual belly button tattoed goon.

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