Report: Vince McMahon Makes Backstage Promise + More

Vince McMahon has promised people in WWE that he will not sleep at all during Wrestlemania XXX week.

After it was announced that Hulk Hogan would return to the WWE to host WrestleMania XXX, he has been a top trending topic on Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook.

As noted earlier, WWE RAW and SmackDown replays will not be made available on the WWE Network. According to the WWE Network FAQ, only the “best of RAW and SmackDown from 2012 and 2013” will be available.

After rumors of Scott Hall being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, there are many within the company who expect Kevin Nash to go in as well.

According to one source, there is talk among the WWE creative team of making Hulk Hogan an on-screen authority figure for the company. Apparently there is a possibility that Hogan will become the new “General Manager” of RAW. As noted earlier here on the website, Hogan wasn’t able to pass a WWE physical so they need to keep him in a role that won’t require him wrestling any matches. This would be a way to do that.

At one point, there was talk of Sting becoming the new GM, but apparently he has still not signed with the company, and due to his questionable status, the talk has switched to Hogan possibly becoming the GM.

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  1. steven perez says:

    Hey vince please fire daniel bryan i’ll even pay for that to happen him please ty

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