Confirmed: Sting & WWE Reach Agreement

Sting appeared at the WrestleCon convention earlier this afternoon and teased an appearance at WrestleMania 31. In the video below, Sting tells fans that his new favorite number is “31”.

For what it’s worth, Sting is “definitely on board with WWE” and will be coming in sooner rather than later. No word on if they will announce him tonight or tomorrow night on RAW but he’s 100% coming to WWE.

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

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  1. Mark Farr says:

    taker vs sting I have wanted that for like 9-10 years now. its like it was when I was waiting for freddy vs

    • steven perez says:

      You and me both man you and me both sting vs taker is a match I’ve wanted to see for a very long time

  2. Victor Kwon says:

    I was hoping Sting would appear right as Lesnar was walking away from the match last night. He could’ve challenged Lesnar right there and immediately gotten over with the fans.

    • ralph says:

      Naw that would make the undertaker look too bad he already lost them that would be throwing him away

      • Victor Kwon says:

        Well it depends on how it would’ve been done. That would’ve been a way for Undertaker to help put Sting over. I don’t think Taker needed to worry about anything else, considering it’s pretty clear that he’s 100% spent and not gonna wrestle anymore.

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