Vickie Guerrero’s WWE Departure + Loads Of Backstage News

UPDATE: On Saturday night, Vickie Guerrero responded to rumors that she was leaving WWE by posting on Twitter and said they weren’t true and that she wasn’t leaving. According to a high-placed WWE source, Vickie Guerrero is still leaving the company as we noted yesterday here on the website. However, the timeline of her exit from the company has been extended. The source stated the following on Guerrero:

“She’s leaving. She’s just working tv’s until she gets firmly planted into her new life. The report is accurate, the timeline has just changed.”

ORIGINAL: Vickie Guerrero has commented on the rumors that she is leaving (or has already left) WWE. She wrote:

In an update on this, Vickie is simply finishing up her advertised dates with WWE. We have confirmed that she is leaving WWE …. it’s just a matter of when. The “official” departure will take place within the next few weeks once she finishes her already agreed upon dates with the company.


— Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara) may return to the WWE soon as a trainer. A female tryout camp is planned for the near future and Varon may be brought in to help train during the camp.

— We can now confirm that WWE Main Event will no longer be airing on ION TV as WWE’s contract with them expired on April 2nd and the network opted not to renew the program. According to sources, WWE Main Event was “only” making WWE around $100,000 per week so it wasn’t seen as a top priority. As crazy as it sounds and to be blunt about it, $100,000 isn’t shit to WWE. The company is expecting their TV profits to rise big time as they continue to negotiate their RAW and SmackDown TV contracts as well as the WWE Network.

WWE Main Event will now air exclusively on the WWE Network.

— We reported last week that Ezekiel Jackson is gone from WWE as the company let his contract expire and then opted not to renew it. According to sources, the reason we have not see major roster cuts in quite some time is because the company is simply letting contracts expire and then are opting not to renew them. The only real cuts have been in developmental due to disciplinary incidents and guys and girls who just don’t have “it”.

— TMZ Sports ran an article today reporting that former NFL star Shawne Merriman is currently negotiating a contract with WWE to work both as an announcer, and possibly an in-ring performer.

The article notes that Merriman, who worked the WrestleMania XXX pre-show panel this past weekend in New Orleans, will be sent to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando to train with the hopes of becoming a NXT wrestler.

You can check out the complete article at

— One of the big topics of discussion among TNA talent was the fact that the company ran on Georgia last weekend instead of running in New Orleans.

There were some in the company pushing that they should have been in New Orleans due to the sheer amount of wrestling fans with money to spend all in the same place. Others that worked WrestleCon and similar events, and made good money doing so, supported the idea that they should have ran in New Orleans.

— With the launch of the WWE Network, the company plans on no longer using the term “pay-per-view” when referring to their monthly events.

WWE is now reportedly planning on phasing out the term “pay-per-view” and will refer to the shows as “Special Events” instead. Since each “Special event” is now factored into the price of the WWE Network, fans will not actually be paying specifically to watch each event.

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