PHOTO: Near-Empty Arena For TNA On Friday!

The following is a photo of TNA’s poor house at their live event in Alabama on Friday night:

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  1. The Princess says:

    That’s pretty good for a tNA crowd.

  2. TheLX "IC CHAMP" says:

    Hey, I don’t see Creature bragging about TNA in this post. I wonder why.

  3. TheCraig says:

    TNA=Totally No Attendance

  4. Creature_of_the_Night says:

    Doesn’t change the fact that the event was better than anything PG WWE can do.

    The arena could be completely empty and TNA and ROH are still better than WWE.

    Put that in your Universe pipe and smoke it.

    You think that picture will change what I believe?

    You think I could be bullied into changing what I believe?

    You people should know better by now.

    • DrewSulac says:

      Does that also include the pre-Attitude Era PG WWE?

      • Creature_of_the_Night says:

        WWF had blood pre-Attitude Era – Bundy at WM2? Billy Jack Haynes at WM3? Flair at WM8? Numerous house shows – just mentioning high-profile shows you might have seen or heard of.

        THAT’S a big reason the Universe hates me too. Glad you brought this up.

        Because I always shoot down this lie in flames.

        The old “WWF was PG” garbage people try to rewrite history with.

        Even when WWF had that cartoon – WWF had blood at house shows – AND tv – Snuka, Muraco, Piper – lots of bloodbaths with those guys – Tito and Greg the Hammer fighting over the IC belt – those guys bled. I know – I was watching. Look up some of those matches or get those dvds WWE makes covering matches back then.

        SO YES – pre attitude era – WWF had plenty of blood – even with a cartoon airing – this is fact too – look it up – although I think you and your Universe actually know this but you try to rewrite history, and I won’t allow it – by stating truth.

        Want more truth? TV ratings weren’t even in existence until 1997, making these Universe claims moot, irrelevant, unsubstantiated, and flat out wrong, like everything else they say:


        “”The TV Parental Guidelines system is a television content rating system that was first proposed on December 19, 1996 by the United States Congress, the television industry and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and went into effect by January 1, 1997 on most major U.S. broadcast and cable networks””

        So you Universe members saying WWF was PG in the 80s is a bunch of bunk as tv wasn’t even rated then – let alone house shows.

        Aaaaaaah – the truth – the WWE Universe’s worst nightmare – along with COTN!

        (breathes on nails, wipes on shirt, crosses arms and smiles in satisfaction)

        • DrewSulac says:

          First of all I’ve been a fan all my life and I’m in my late twenties now and saw the matches you mentioned. So your complaining about the lack of blood in WWE today? I went to a house show a couple of years ago and Goldust got busted open, match stoped for a minute to check on him then the match continued.

          Sounds like you want the wrestlers to catch a nasty infection or even bleed to death to satisfy your personal blood lust.

          Plus insulting people on the internet who have different views then you or does not have a hard on for nostalgia like you do shows the type of person you are.

          • Creature_of_the_Night says:


            It shows I’m a person of unflappable integrity.


            God bless you and yours.

          • DragonDoctor says:

            If WWE would release every episode of WWF shows before the Attitude Era the majority of them would have been PG. Plus not every episode from the Attitude Era was TV-14, in fact half of the episodes didn’t have blood in them.

          • Creature_of_the_Night says:

            I like the half with the blood.

          • Necro Botcher says:

            Anyone who thinks blood and cursing is what makes wrestling good is an immature halfwit.

            End of.

          • Creature_of_the_Night says:


            anyone who likes something different than you or has different tastes is an immature halfwit.

            Real mature – WAAAAA someone likes something different WAAAA – he’s a halfwit – WAAAAA

            Proves my point.

          • Creature_of_the_Night says:

            Anyone who’s gonna tell me they’ve never seen a Universe member, ie WWE supporter, on the net act like jerks and type garbage, is either blind or a liar.

    • TheLX "IC CHAMP" says:

      Isn’t it nice, that he is in denial? I think it’s nice

    • The Princess says:

      TNA is TV-14, but they censor the “b” word

      • Creature_of_the_Night says:

        That’s because they are sick of that word, as a result of all the little Universe IWC members all over the net calling Dixie that repeatedly.

  5. Creature_of_the_Night says:

    You people think this picture is going to change my mind, opinions, and beliefs on pro wrestling, WWE, TNA, and ROH?

    (waits a few seconds)

    (a few seconds more)


  6. Necro Botcher says:

    No amount of mental gymnastics or rationalization can excuse this.

    If TNA truly had a good product, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. That is the god’s honest truth.

    It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with “not being known” enough, because 12 years is more than enough time to get your name out there.

    Honestly, making fun of this company is starting to feel like pushing a retarded kid down the stairs.

  7. Drew says:

    I just want to know why he keeps talking about “The Universe” as if anyone replying to him is really a part of that whole schtick. And we all know how uncool WWE is with their their total dominance of pro wrestling, their making money hand over fist, and their new network. I’d say put that in your TNA pipe and smoke it, but it seems your TNA pipe is practically empty.

    • DragonDoctor says:

      I just think he is a very sad lonely person who just doesn’t like WWE today and hates anyone who does. Also I think he is one of those fans that lets nostalgia get the best of them, every era in WWF/WWE has a fan base, every person in/have been in WWE has a fan base. I’ve been a fan for twenty years and while I miss and enjoyed those eras I don’t mind the current era either cause one I don’t believe in nostalgia and two I don’t compare the eras.

      Every promotion has a fan base and a hate base and if someone is a fan of wrestling in general they should in my opinion just accept it even if they are not a fan of that promotion. If WWE wasn’t the dominant company in the wrestling industry another company would be and that company would receive so much hate (and love at the same time) no matter what they do. If WWE ever loses it’s top spot in the industry there is pretty much a guarantee that what ever company replaces it will get the same things that WWE has going for it.

  8. DragonDoctor says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Sure it means that events in arenas that didn’t have a huge crowd and while it means there’s not much money coming in for TNA and the arena it is not a sign that TNA is going under, if more future events are like this then they will start to worry. If WWE is strong enough to bounce back from poor attendance records I’m sure TNA will be if they have enough money that is.

  9. Necro Botcher says:

    That’s another thing I want to bring up. How TNA fans have this strange fanaticism towards it. Like it’s fandom is some kind of bizarre cult.

    I’m not talking about the fake poster, since it’s a gimmick, but when you think about it – the persona he’s adopted is almost like a VERY accurate parody of the typical TNA fan.

    They get SO HOSTILE when you criticize TNA even in the slightest. Even if you are simply giving ideas on how to improve it.

    And when you bring up legitimate complains about TNA, that anyone with any knowledge about pro-wrestling whatsoever would agree with, they resort back to “WELL WWE DOES XYZ” like that excuses the garbage that TNA produces.

    That’s a cop-out. If you robbed someone, but this guy you don’t like raped someone, would you say “WELL HE RAPED SOMEONE!!!” as a defense? Like that excuses your robbery?

    Not if you aren’t a lunatic. Which a lot of TNA fans seem to be.

    If you don’t believe me, just go to their forums and try to offer up any form of criticism at all and watch what happens.

    • DragonDoctor says:

      I often see the comparisons between fan bases for just about anything and religions. Most fans are okay to talk to and accept the criticism you have and respond to them in a nice way while other fans are way too overprotective of what/who they are a fan of and throw a fit and very aggressively respond to the criticisms while insult you in the process.

      It’s those fans that gives the entire fan base a bad name (much like how religious extremists gives their religion/ other religious believers a bad name).

    • Creature_of_the_Night says:

      And you typing that whole post shows you have some “strange fanaticism” also.

      Universe members don’t get hostile – you see the things said to me?

      Universe members don’t get upset when I point out the changes WWE has done that I don’t agree with? People wanna crucify me for it – I say I don’t like the blood ban as an example – OMG they go crazy like that is so bad and horrible even though big time Flair cage matches always had blood, as an example.

      Universe members don’t get upset? I’ll tell you what ticks them off the most – they have that pic with low TNA attendance.

      I say I don’t care – I still like it – and I still think TNA is better – THAT….THAT is what REALLY drives the Universe nuts – has since you waged your little war against me at the Inc.

      Since day ONE it has ALWAYS been- I don’t have the right to like TNA more because their ratings and attendance are less.

      And I’ve said from day one I don’t care and don’t believe that means WWE is better.

      THAT drives the Universe bonkers – you included – always has.

      I keep saying I like TNA more – you and your minions throw numbers at me – and you can’t wrap your had around the fact it has no bearings on what I personally like and choose to watch in the comfort of my own living room.

      Bottom line is this – you talk about TNA fans and their fanaticism – your Universe is just as bad- WORSE!

      Calling Dixie the B and C word – writing mods to ban me – cussing at me –

      Yeah – that Universe sure lets things slide off their back, don’t they.

      Don’t act like you are so different.

      Like I say – you typing this post I’m replying to shows you’re no different.

      You’ve trolled me over like 5 sites – I swear – I have a private profile – if and when I disappear and you can’t find me – you’ll have a big void in your life.

      • Necro Botcher says:

        When I criticize TNA – you’re right up in my face, telling me how wrong and stupid I must be to have that opinion. Same with anyone else here that dares say anything about TNA.

        When I give it some credit, like I did Thursday night. Surprise – radio silence, you’re dumbfounded.

        Unlike you, I am honest about what I watch. If something deserves credit, I will say so.

        But that’s not your gimmick, so that’s probably too much to expect.

        Also, you calling ANYONE ELSE here a troll is hilarious.

        • Creature_of_the_Night says:

          Bottom line is you criticizing TNA fans, with you Universe-ites running around calling Dixie the B and C word – is beyond ridiculous and downright hypocritical.

          I’ve seen WWE slanted people all over say the most horrible things – funny how you ignore that – and point out TNA fans.

          So you just post about TNA fans? If you had integrity you would mention it happens on both sides.

          I like TNA – you show ZERO ability to respect anyone who likes different things than you and talk civilly.

          Thinking different than you is not a crime.

          Someday you’ll HOPEFULLY realize that….

          …but I’m not holding my breath.

          I’m not under some legal passage to like something about WWE – I hate them and everything they do.

          And if you are gonna hate someone over not liking WWE – that’s on you – not me – and you have growing up to do.

          I’m not under any obligation to like something about WWE.

          I’ve said that from day one too – and no one can ever answer:

          WHY, as a fan of TNA and ROH, do I have some obligation to like something about WWE.

          No one has ever been able to answer that – why? – because I’m not under any obligation.

          That’s like saying a guy who likes oranges is under an obligation to like tangerines also.

          He doesn’t have to.

          • Dragon91 says:

            Just curious, at what point did anyone here say that you have to like WWE? You keep bringing it up while I can’t see any explicit evidence of anyone telling you that you have to like them. Are you by any chance under obligation to express that you’re not under obligation to like them?

          • Necro Botcher says:

            See, this is why I can’t take you seriously. You’re so obviously fake.

            “And if you are gonna hate someone over not liking WWE – that’s on youy – not me – and you have growing up to do.”

            Yet you’ve reminded everyone here with post after post about how much you hate “Universers” or “Universe-ites” or whatever stupid demonym you came up with.

            I honestly, truly, legitimately do not care what you like or don’t like. I don’t know you from a ham sandwich and I never will.

            Anyone who gets offended because I choose to mock a company that is truly awful and black mark on this industry, as if I am saying something about their mother, needs therapy ASAP.

          • Creature_of_the_Night says:

            That company had over 1.3 million people watch it – and just because you think it is “awful” or a “black mark” doesn’t make it fact or mean I have to think that.

            Here’s a zinger for you – I think, no, I KNOW….. WWE is a “black mark” and “awful”.

            I think the changes the company has gone through are terrible and they sicken me.

            Your homework for the weekend?

            Dwell on that.

            I don’t take you seriously either, cha cha.

            And water carrier? The ULTIMATE example of that is someone who takes the side of the “more popular” side ie higher ratings, etc., and throws those numbers in the faces of the other side and acts like they are so above and better than them.

            THAT’S a water carrier, bubba.

            Dwell, on all this, but especially on how WWE is a black mark in many people’s eyes.

            And their numbers don’t change that – in fact, it makes them even MORE of a black mark.

            You gotta lot to think about this weekend.

          • Necro Botcher says:

            Obviously you don’t have to agree with me. It’s not you I’m trying to convince.

            It’s the people reading this. DUH.

            Here’s a fact, and this might be the most honest thing I say to you:

            Pro-wrestling really isn’t something to get so worked up over. Much less “hate” anyone over. And if you truly feel hatred for someone because of the pro-wrestling they choose to watch, then I can’t even begin to understand you or the way you think.

            Political beliefs and religion are barely a basis for hatred. Pro-wrestling is so insignificant that it shouldn’t even be on the radar.

            There are over 300 million people in this country (I’m assuming you live in America) and the majority of them think that ALL pro-wrestling, no matter what company it comes from or who produces it, is fake, childish garbage and have thought that way since the 1970’s.

            So even if you don’t like my opinions, or Emily’s opinions, or the opinions of whoever else you talk to, you’ve still got to remember that.

            That is a far bigger cross to bear for pro wrestling fans than PG wrestling, or bloodless wrestling, or whatever it is you people complain about.

            So as Richard Prior once said, “Have a Coke and a smile and shut the **** up!”

          • The Princess says:

            Great post! Wish I could give you more vote ups!

          • Necro Botcher says:

            This stuff isn’t hard to figure out, Em.

          • Dragon91 says:

            Well said!


          • Necro Botcher says:

            His silence speaks volumes.

            I might be an old man, but I can still logically and verbally out-maneuver these juvenile trolls.

      • Kris Harvey says:

        I hate to do this but im gonna try one last attempt to reason with you, first off yes i agree tna has had some good ‘matches’ in recent history, but i live in the uk i dont really have access to the amount of wrestling you do in the usa, so i have two shows i can watch the last match i watched from tna was sting vs hogan it was sloppy slow and damn near lost all respect i had previously for both wrestlers…… you complain continuously about the undertaker being old but damn man that match was horrible least his match with punk was watchable and yes he is slowing down as he gets older but he isnt taking anyones slot having one match in a 3-4 hour show where as you had hogan,sting,Nash,booker-t,bischoff, all basicly killing tna, i did a test on my girlfriend yesterday i named asked her to name 5 wrestlers from tna that never appeared in wwe she couldnt do it (can you we know you like to Google wrestlers real names) you slate wwe soo bad but with their has beens tna would never still exist…. so yes i prefer wwe to tna as wwe is better produced and better ran… and i also agree with you some time the pg stuff does get in the way of a really good match BUT i can sit through a whole monday night raw and say well that was not too bad, i cant with tna sorry thats just my honest opinion, so on a lighter note while your watching tna lets play a drinking game every time someone whos appeared on wwe tv is on your screen you have to down a beer, if your not old enough to drink then heres another one, try not to tell every one you despise wwe then COMMMENT ON EVERY BLOODY POST OF THERES you can choose to ingnore it

      • Creature of the Day says:

        You couldn’t be more wrong. Every time you talk about TNA’s alleged superiority over WWE, I LOL audibly. If it’s so great why are the arenas damn near empty now? Why are even long-term TNA fans convinced the company is in a death spiral? Meanwhile WWE is more popular than it’s been since the end of the Attitude Era and is about to launch a streaming network that will be available worldwide. You are utterly delusional. The superiority of TNA you keep trumpeting, exists only in your mind and the minds of a maybe another handful of people.

    • Creature_of_the_Night says:

      The way you call Dixie those curse words and talk down to anyone who dares to think differently than you?

      You have no place talking about people’s “fanaticism”.

      You are the ultimate example of pot and kettle.

  10. risky2x says:

    again booking above your needs..smh when will they learn they will not draw over 1100 if lucky to a house a smaller venue that holds hundreds not thousands

  11. Vince McMahon says:


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