Christopher Daniels & Kazarian Returning To ROH

As reported last night, the ROH-NJPW War of the Worlds show ended last night with the announcement that Christopher Daniels and someone (Kazarian) would be making their return to the promotion. The announcement took place as a promo and was not part of the iPPV, instead airing in the Hammerstein Ballroom after the cameras had turned off.

The promo saw Daniels sitting at a bar with an Appletini, saying that he’s coming home to the promotion and would be at Best in the World on June 22nd. Then someone wearing a blurred Kazarian shirt stepped into frame with his head cut off, and Daniels said people shouldn’t assume that he was coming alone.

Kazarian could not be showed as his TNA deal doesn’t actually expire until June 1st.

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  1. Justin J. Mascari says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. No really other places to go. Vince wants nothing to do with former TNA guys, Sting & Hogan apparently being the exception. Daniels & Kazarian would already be under WWE contracts but after realizing they had no plans for a cruiserweight division they left. I don’t think they wanted to be enhancements.

  2. Shane Mead says:

    They were one of the only entertaining part of TNA, every week they gave something that was entertaining…I will be looking at ROH more closely

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