Devon Nicholson Wins A $2.3 Million In Lawsuit

According to CBC News in Canada, a judge awarded Devon Nicholson, who wrestles as Hannibal, $2.3 in damages and fees from Larry Shreeve (Abdullah the Butcher). Nicholson sued Abdullah the Butcher, claiming that he contracted Hepatitis C from him during a bloody match in Ottawa in 2007. Nicholson stated that Abdullah the Butcher bladed him without his consent during that match. Nicholson also claimed that he lost a WWE contract due to the disease. He stated he was offered a deal following a 2009 tryout camp, but that WWE cancelled his contract less than three weeks later when the company found out he had hepatitis C.

Abdullah the Butcher has publicly denied claims that he has Hepatitis C, has 30 days to appeal the ruling.


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  • Jim J. Pim

    Does this mean we will be spared anymore of his crying videos?

  • ℰ ɱ ɨ ɭ ӌ

    Great grammar in the headline!

  • some guy

    Looks like Nicholson will own Abdullah’s House of Chinese Food & Ribs

    • Jim J. Pim

      Ha ha my brother went there a few years ago when he was in Atlanta on business.

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