Report: Kevin Steen Likely Headed To WWE

Partial Source:

It is expected that ROH’s Kevin Steen will be offered a WWE developmental deal. This is according to a “well placed source”. As noted earlier today here on the website, west coast independent star Willie Mack is also expected to be offered a WWE developmental deal.

The source notes that ACH and Rocky Romero will not be getting offers. They attended the same camp as Steen and Mack. Roderick Strong took part in the camp, but there is no word in his status.


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  • Willie Garza

    Steen doesn’t need a damn “development”deal they’ll just screw him over anyway

    • Necro Botcher

      Like they screwed over Punk and Bryan?

      • Willie Garza

        And you see how well they’re doing now

        • Necro Botcher

          Punk retired with 20 million in his bank account and Bryan is the second biggest name in the company.

          Yeah, Steen needs to sign and sign now.

          • Willie Garza

            Asks I’m sure he’ll be a fan favorite then get over worked under valued and half crippled by the end of it

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