RESISTANCE Pro Don’t Tread Results 4.25.14

Thanks to RESISTANCE Pro for sending the results along…

A GENUINE & HEARTFELT THANK YOU: to all of the fans, friends, and family who turned out on a beautiful Spring evening to catch RESISTANCE Pro DON’T TREAD at The Barn at Arabian Knights in Willowbrook, IL on Friday night April 25th! Let’s get to the results!

MATCH 1: After JUSTIN KING came to the ring and insinuated that his man, “The Muay Thai Warrior” COBRA, was being kept down in RESISTANCE Pro due to racism and blatant discrimination from management, he was promptly addressed by Executive Producer C-RED who was more than willing to show him his side of the story (physically, of course). The arrival of R-Pro co-owner JACQUES BARON let cooler heads prevail as, in an act of “equal opportunity” and general fairness, he made COBRA’s match with “Simply Sexy” SHAWN BLAZE in to a three-way-dance by adding “The Southern Savior” JOHN SKYLER. Timekeeper MIKE BELLCASTER rang the bell and the match was on!

Bodies were flying literally EVERYWHERE in the ring as all three men were fired up from the pre-match antics of the non-participants. Lots of great high-flying action from all three men got the fans in The Barn on their feet from the get-go! In the end, COBRA was able to eek out a victory (with distraction from his manager KING), and pinned the newly popular BLAZE. (10:08)

MATCH 2: In a ladies tag match, the fiery Latinas LUCY MENDEZ and AMANDA RODRIGUEZ took on the firecracker team of ANGEL DUST and SAMANTHA HEIGHTS. After a nasty knee injury took HEIGHTS out of most of the match, the amazingly conditioned ANGEL DUST was left to battle both MENDEZ and RODRIGUEZ. Even though the odds were against her, ANGEL DUST persevered and got the win for her team – much to the delight of the evening’s fans! (11:53)

MATCH 3: After being forced to leave RESISTANCE Pro for one year last April in a “Loser Leaves Town” Three-Way-Dance in the very same building, MR. 450 was finally able to get his revenge against “The Ego” ROBERT ANTHONY. In what will undoubtedly be a “Match of the Year” candidate, both men tore in to each other with complete disregard for bodily harm – their own or each others! The action went LITERALLY all over the inside of The Barn resulting in property damage, scattering fans, and absolute general chaos. After kicking out of a “Taco Pizza” attempt, 450 was finally able to roll-up his longtime rival and get the much-needed victory he deserved! (29:42)

MATCH 4: After being rapped out by ERIC ST. VAUGHN and twerked to the ring by “The Twerkaholic” RAY LYN, BODY MAGIC (“The Male Model” ASHTON VUITTON and “The Inspiration” BRADY PIERCE) was set to take on the ever-popular (but occasionally troubled) TWO STAR HEROES (“Marvelous” MATT KNICKS and “Big C” CHRIS CASTRO). While KNICKS and CASTRO mounted a valiant effort in the battle, the addition of the impressively strong PIERCE was just too much to overcome for the hometown favorites ad BODY MAGIC absconded with yet another impressive victory. (10:32)

MATCH 5: WARDEN MYERS made his way to the ring (without security escort) to address the crowd and charge SUGE D. Apparently, SUGE’s opponent for the evening (and former LOCK-UP tag partner and friend) EPIC refused to fight his friend out of loyalty and respect, choosing to serve out the remainder of his sentence in the KOA Penitentiary. Being a man of his word, the WARDEN found a suitable replacement for EPIC and the match would still be held with the same stipulation – if SUGE won, he would be released immediately. If he lost, he would serve out the remainder of his sentence – and his opponent’s – in the KOA solitary block. The WARDEN also added that this match was also going to be NO DQ! KOA’s newest inmate REMI WILKINS was lead to the ring by security guard (?) CHRISTOPHER (HALL) and the match was immediately on!

WARDEN MYERS’ newest thug(s) were quick to attack and double team the surprised SUGE, but his heart and yearn for freedom was just to much for anyone to challenge that night. REMI laid in to SUGE with a ferocity R-Pro fans have never seen from the competitor that nearly broke his opponent’s spirit (instructed by the WARDEN, no doubt), and just when things looked bleakest for the fan favorite SUGE, he was able to pull out the victory in one of the most heartfelt moments in RESISTANCE Pro history – earning his freedom in front of the adoring crowd! (9:41)

MATCH 6: With his opponent already in the ring, JAKE O’NEILL made his way to the ring in street clothes and his arm in a sling. He asked for the microphone and told the crowd that as much as he wanted to beat his former manservant SCOTTY “The Kid” YOUNG again in the center of the ring, the fans deserved to see him at 100%, so the match would not be taking place. After belittling his opponent some more while trying to leave, YOUNG called for the bell while attacking O’NEILL. After YOUNG was pulled off of O’NEILL by the referee, O’NEILL retaliated and proceeded to choke YOUNG with his (obviously unneeded) sling! Security separated both men leaving this continuing feud STILL unresolved.

MATCH 7: After unsuccessfully cashing in their “Golden Ticket” title shot against DA SOUL TOUCHAZ back in January at VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER, THE PAINKILLERS (w/ERYN) were granted another opportunity to challenge them for the Tag Team Championship. Both “Hot Chocolate” ACID JAZ and “The Urban American Dream” WILLIE “Da Bomb” RICHARDSON (w/C-RED) were on fire from the get-go as all four men battled all over every square inch of the ring. Much athleticism and acrobatics were involved, but in the end, DA SOUL TOUCHAZ proved yet again why they are the pinnacle of Tag Teams in R-Pro by retaining their Championships in another highlight filled bout! (11:22)

MATCH 8: In the first-ever “First Blood Match” in RESISTANCE Pro history, MICKIE “Moose” KNUCKLES took on bitter rival D’ARCY DIXON for her Women’s Championship. DIXON wasn’t even able to get to the ring before being attacked by KNUCKLES with a baking sheet who tried to end the match as quickly as it began! The crowd was scattering as no chair was left unturned (or thrown) by both ladies in their attempt to end this feud once and for all. KNUCKLES and DIXON both implemented the use of a lasso, photo booth, beer bottles, and more in their quest to make the other one bleed first! Once the action got back in the ring, referee DREW THOMAS was knocked unconscious, which resulted in referee MARIO SCRUGGS taking over. When SCRUGGS didn’t see that DIXON had busted KNUCKLES open, she D’ARCY VALLEY DRIVERed him! When THOMAS finally came to, KNUCKLES had put on her infamous entrance mask hiding her bloody visage from his view and wiped her own blood on to D’ARCY’s face! Seeing blood on DIXON’s face, the referee called for the bell and a new Women’s Champion was crowned ending the “D’Arcy Dynasty” after 11 months! (12:29)

MAIN EVENT: In a return bout from THE BATTLE RAGES ON… last month, “Mr. M-80” MARSHE ROCKETT challenged Heavyweight Champion JOCEPHUS (w/EVE) in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. With some controversy surrounding last month’s match results, both men had a lot to prove and wasted no time trying to do so. Shockingly, the first fall came shortly after the bell rung when the Champion pinned ROCKETT out of nowhere. It took a while for the next fall to occur, which saw ROCKETT get a clean pin on the Champion much to the delight of the crowd (and manager C-RED). In a “sudden death” type scenario, it was go time for both men as the bout was tied at one fall a piece. More brutality ensued from both men, but eventually JOCEPHUS was able to score the victory against the much loved ROCKETT and retain his Championship. While C-RED argued with Head Referee ROBERT KING as the crowd left for the exits, this story is FAR from over…

RESISTANCE Pro return to The Barn at Arabian Knights Farm in Willowbrook, IL on Friday May 16th with SAVAGE AMUSEMENT starring #ECW Legend JUSTIN CREDIBLE! Tickets available NOW on the “Merchandise” page of!

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