Scurll: ‘I Love Bashing Ospreay!’, Talks Bullet Club

Marty Scurll spoke with Sports Illustrated Extra Mustard for a new interview. Some highlights are below:

On when he thought about the idea of joining Bullet Club: “Half the crowd would be wearing my Villain shirts, with the other half wearing Bullet Club, Bucks, or Omega shirts. I gathered that together we could literally rule the wrestling world together. The Bucks are the best shirt-selling Americans on the indies, Kenny Omega is the best-selling Canadian, and ‘The Villain’ is the best-selling for the British. We have all corners covered, and Japan will be much of the same.”

On getting his rematch with Kushida and setting his sights on Christopher Daniels’ title: “I made that belt mean more than it ever has. I took it everywhere around the world, and I always represented the company and the fact that I was champion wherever I was. In my opinion, I made that the number one belt in ROH. I’ll have my rematch with Kushida, I’ll get my belt back, and I look forward to that moment. Obviously, my eyes are also on the ROH world title. The fans want it. I want it more than anyone. Trust me. It’s only a matter of time.”

On Will Ospreay and the recent Randy Orton ‘dive’ controversy: “Having to watch Will Ospreay run around Japan like a freaking idiot representing my country has been an embarrassment. I am Ospreay’s kryptonite. I have beaten him in Rev Pro, Progress, all over Europe, PWG, ROH. This will be no different. Ospreay won last year, but that was before ‘The Villain’ arrived. It all changes in BOSJ 24…Great stuff, Randy Orton. Bashing Ospreay is one of my favorite things to do. In fact, Orton might be one of the few people in the world who can hang villainy with the Villain. We could team up and he could hit the RKO to set up the Chicken Wing. Two super-over finishers there, it’d be money.”

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