Various News: Fozzy, WWE’s Belt Maker, Inoki/Korea

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The Miami Herald has a new article on the latest album from Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy. has an interview with Dave Millican, who produces belts for WWE and other companies. He was involved in the new book The Big Gold Belt from author Dick Bourne.

— Antonio Inoki has been talking about going back to North Korea and holding a live event to promote peace. He had several shows there in 1995 featuring Inoki vs Ric Flair, Scott Norton, 2 Cold Scorpio and several New Japan stars.

Memphis Sport has an interview with Dr. Tom Prichard about Memphis, WWE and more.

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  1. stone cold dean ambrose says:

    He should make a new intercontinental championship belt design for wwe

    • Justin J. Mascari says:

      They need a new tag design and one for a single WWE World Heavyweight title. For that just combine both designs but feature the WWE title more prominently as it’s not even 2 years old.

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