Legends Of Wrestling Results 3.25.17 – Augusta, GA

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Brian Knobbs’ The Legends of Wrestling promotion ran 3/25 in Augusta, Georgia at Augusta University’s Christenberry Fieldhouse. The show drew in the 1,500-1,700 range, which is impressive for any independent event in 2017. The company partnered with Beasley Media Group, Inc.

Before the show, they held autograph signings as well as VIP photo and Q&A Sessions.

In a Pre-Show match, Austin Theory & Jason Cade defeated Anthony Henry & Rhett Giddins. Very entertaining tag with some good, athletic action.

The official show began with Ric Flair appearing for a live promo, putting over Augusta and some of the talents appearing. He promised the fans would get a great show from Legends of Wrestling.

*Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Akbar with a clothesline.

* The Re-Enforcer Andrew Anderson, with Greg Valentine in his corner defeated Austin Theory. Anderson introduced Valentine as his ‘stepfather’ before the match. Theory got on the mic to antagonize Andrew Anderson to establish he was the heel. Anderson gets the win and Valentine puts Theory in the figure four for good measure.

* A heel group of Jessy Sorensen, Wes Brisco, Knux (Mike Knox), accompanied by Raffi Rex and Deimos with his valet Sarah LaMay come out and cut a promo saying the legends had their day and now it’s time for the next generation to take over. Ron Simmons comes to the ring and drops the “damn!” line before telling them to stop their whining. He kicks them out of the ring but at Rex and Deimos leave, stops them and tells them that if they want to be legendary, they have to face those who paved the way for the business, introducing Buff Bagwell and Johnny Swinger.

* Bagwell and Swinger defeated Deimos and Raffi Rex (with Sarah LaMay)

* The Nasty Boys were scheduled to face Knux and Jeffrey Lewis. Jerry Saggs came out alone and said Brian Knobbs was attacked in the back by some punks, but he has lots of legends who can be his back-up. Out comes Gangrel. They challenge Knux and Lewis to a hardcore tag team match. They brawl all over. Saggs is busted open. Knobbs comes out using a crutch carrying a garbage can. He tossed it to Saggs, who uses it as a weapon to help get the win. Saggs and Gangrel got the win.

* Tatanka pinned Wes Bentley in one of the best matches on the show. The crowd really got into this one. Big “You still got it” chant for Tatanka.

* The Rock N’ Roll Express defeated QT Marshall and Wade Adams. The Express got one of the best reactions of the night and were put over for being added to the WWE Hall of Fame.

* Rick Steiner, with Scott Steiner, pinned Jessy Sorensen. Knux tried to interfere but was chased away by Scott. They did a referee bump, setting up Jeffrey Lewis hitting the ring to help double team Steiner. Booker T hit the ring and nailed the Bookend on each of them, then woke up the referee so he could make the pinfall. Booker cut a promo thanking everyone for coming out to “Legends of Wrestling” at the end.

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