Womens Wrestling Revolution ‘Identity Crisis’ Results

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* Penelope Ford and Maria Manic vs. The Sea Stars.

Fun little opener with Manic playing the powerhouse and the heels beating down Ashley Vox for most of the match. Sea Stars get the win with a heart attack and jacknife pin from Delmi Xo.

* Willow Nightingale vs Skylar.

Willow- big dropkick from the top. Skylar- really good backstabber. n nNightingale wins with a fisherman suplex for the 3

* Vanity vs Sonya Strong

Lots of back forth technical work. Then lots of kicks and chops from Strong. Sonya takes dominating and control and challenges Veda Scott to see what she’s doing. Suggest that Strong is the #1 woman in WWR. Vanity makes a big come back. Sonya puts an end to it with Dragon suplex for the win

* Karen Q vs Tasha Steele

Another match with some really good back and forth technical wrestling with some AWESOME reversals. First time I’ve seen Tasha Steele, Very impressive. And definitely the best Karen Q match I’ve seen. Karen Q gets the win when Steele misses a missle dropkick and put her in a Liontamer for the tap out

* Black and Blue (Davienne and Belmont) w/ Sammi Lane vs. Twizted Sisterz (Holidead and Thunder Rosa)

Classic tag tactics with the heels cutting off the ring and the Sisterz making comebacks and hot tags. Twizted Sisterz really won the crowd over with their work and gimmick. Black and Blue gets the pin when Sammi Lane distracts Thunder Rosa and Belmont rolls her up for a 3. Post match the Sisterz beat down Lane who was abandoned by her teammates.
(They made up at intermission)

* Barbie Hayden vs. Gabi Castrovinci.

Really good back and forth exchanges. Gabi get the win when she locks in an armbar for the submission.

* Alexis Rose vs. Veda Scott

This one had a lot of athletic offense and defense by Rose. Veda spent alot of the match wormimg Rose’s shoulders, tying her up in all sorts of submission attempts. Veda wins it with a shining wizard

* Renee Michelle vs. Jordynne Grace

This is the first time I’ve seen Renee Michelle and she was extremely impressive. Lots of speedy offense by Michelle only for Jordynne to slow it down. Jordynne gets the win with her 3rd bear hug attempt for a TKO win

* Su Yung vs. Rachel Ellering

Crazy match! Su Yung spent a good part of the match using misdirection movements to throw Ellering off her game. Eventually it turned into a good back and forth game of one upswomanship. They kept hitting each other harder and harder and took it all over the building. They fought through the bar and almost outside. Rachel gets the win after a stiff spinebuster.

Overall a really good show. Some hits and some misses but a really good show, my favorite WWR show this far.

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