Women’s Wrestling Revolution “Revolutionary” Results

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MATCH ONE: Karen Q v. Davienne

Tale of the Tape – Karen Q is making her WWR debut, while Davienne competed on the WWR debut show in February when she came up short in a four-way match against Sonya Strong, Miranda Vionette and Willow Nightingale.

The Match – The structure of the match on the surface was a classic heel-babyface style with Davienne playing the overbearing, mean heel that would keep cutting off Karen’s comebacks. Karen was able to fire up and make an athletic comeback, complete with a John Kronus-style cartwheel/handspring back elbow in the corner spot.

The Finish – Karen made one more comeback and finished the match with a Boston Crab.


MATCH TWO: Veda Scott v. Santana Garrett

Tale of the Tape – Veda has a long standing history with Beyond Wrestling, and in the WWR debut show in February, she defeated Jordynne Grace 2-1 in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Santana was also on the debut show in February where she came up short against Deonna Purrazzo in the main event. She was also in action on NXT this past week.

The Match – Veda got on the mic before the match and said she was expected to face Jessika Havoc, but because of airplane problems, she had no opponent. She then said that Santana had no opponent for the same reason, so they now have a match. She also said she saw Santana on NXT this week…where she lost. So she reminded Santana that her NXT record is flawless.

Veda jumped Santana before the bell, and there was a really fun, athletic back and forth between the two to start the match. Veda gained the advantage with an impressive handspring Pele kick, and got the heat on Santana from there. Santana would make an occasional comeback, but Veda would stuff it before it got going.

The tide turned when they were on the apron and Santana blocked a third kick by Veda and comeback with a fired up kick of her own. The action returned to a back and forth style from that point forward.

The Finish – Santana missed her handspring moonsault and Veda caught her with a rollup for the win. A really good match between the two of them, one that you should watch if you enjoy women’s wrestling.

WINNER: Veda Scott

MATCH THREE: Solo Darling & Candice LaRae v. Belmont & Miranda Vionette

Tale of the Tape – This was a mystery partner tag team match, with Solo choosing current DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion as her partner, and Belmont choosing Vionette. Before the match, Joey Ryan jumped in the ring and rolled up Candice to win back his DDT title and then got out of dodge.

The Match – Candice and Solo were constantly fighting back to try and overcome their opponents. It was a rough go as Belmont and Vionette were keeping the ring cut off. LaRae got a sip of Solo’s “special drink,” fired up and made a comeback. From there, it was back and forth and double teams galore.

The Finish – Solo hit a spinning Fisherman’s Suplex and held it for the win.

After The Match – Davienne hit the ring and they all started laying out Solo and Candice before

WINNERS: Solo Darling & Candice LaRae

MATCH FOUR: Sonya Strong v. Taeler Hendrix

Tale of the Tape – Taeler defeated Barbi Hayden at the debut show in February, while Sonya won a four-way on the same show (which was mentioned earlier in this report).

The Match – Taeler was able to maintain control for most of the match, with Sonya doing a good job selling from the bottom. The crowd was really getting behind her comebacks, which were being stuffed by Taeler. Hendrix was able to use her presence to get the crowd to have sympathy for her opponent.

The Finish – Taeler got the Kiss of Death and a Tombstone Piledriver for the win. They did a good job of getting the crowd invested in the match as it built.

WINNER: Taeler Hendrix

MATCH FIVE: Jordynne Grace v. Mia Yim

Tale of the Tape – Grace fell short 2-1 in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match to Veda Scott back in February, while Yim is making her WWR debut.

The Match – Before the bell, Candice was chasing Joey Ryan around the building. He got into the ring and was blindsided by a roundhouse kick by Yim and pinned, making this match a DDT title match.

The match was built upon Jordynne’s strength against Mia’s high-speed athleticism. Grace did a great job using her strength to control the match while Mia did a great job on the constant counter attack. Mia was close to going unconscious after a few power moves, and Jordynne did a great job making sure the crowd got fully into Mia’s big comebacks.

The Finish – Yim was finally able to put Grace away with a Code Red to retain the title.

MATCH SIX: Alexxis v. LuFisto

Tale of the Tape – Alexxis defeated Raquel on the WWR debut show, while LuFisto came up short against Kimber Lee.

The Match – Similar to the match before, LuFisto played more of the powerful overbearing role to Alexxis’s athletic role. The only difference in this match is that LuFusto was getting in significantly more offense and having a more commanding presence in doing so. The crowd was also taking more to her offense, which took away from Alexxis’s comebacks. To be fair, though, it could have just been LuFisto’s overall popularity with the crowd that caused this.

The match spilled onto the floor where Alexxis was able to make some headway after hitting a cross body block from the stage to the floor, which is a 5 foot drop. While in the crowd, Da Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro) and LuFisto bumped into each other and exchanged words after LuFisto hit their drinks out of their hands.

The Finish – As LuFisto was going for the Burning Hammer, one of Da Hoodz threw a drink in her face, allowing Alexxis to roll up LuFisto for the win.

WINNER: Alexxis

MAIN EVENT: Deonna Purrazzo v. Kimber Lee

Tale of the Tape – Deonna won the main event of the debut show against Santana Garrett, while Kimber Lee defeated LuFisto.

The Match – An absolutely outstanding technical exchange started things off, which the crowd really appreciated and enjoyed. Both girls deserve credit for starting this way, as they not only pulled it off tremendously, but it was different than everything else on the card so far.

The match had its moments of hard hitting exchanges throughout, which is a bit of a departure for Purrazzo, but she adapted extremely well, going toe-to-toe with Lee. The exchanges on the feet didn’t get the same crowd reaction as their early mat work, but they eventually worked back into a more traditional style.

The Finish – Kimber twice went to finish with an armbar, but Deonna got the ropes. After the second break, she transitioned into an armor of her own for the victory.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo

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