Backstage Update – Is TNA ‘Raiding’ ROH Talent?

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Several sources recently reported that TNA has been attempting to contact ROH talent to appear at their events. These talents included Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole, who are all under ROH contract.

However, according to sources in TNA and ROH, it’s not quite what it’s being made out to be. Jay Lethal, a former TNA champion, was contacted about working the Destination X-themed iMPACT! episode but turned it down because he was under contract. TNA is said to be contacting former champions for the event.

Davey Richards reportedly contacted reDragon (O’Reilly, Fish) about coming in to possibly face The Wolves at the event. However, both are under contract and can’t do it. TNA itself didn’t contact either man, as the call was said to be made “independently”. Richards seems like the most likely suspect as he trained O’Reilly. The Observer also named him as the culprit since he felt the TNA tag division was “weak”. Not a single TNA executive had a conversation with reDragon.

TNA has had talks with other talent who aren’t under ROH contracts “from time to time” (as well as talent contacting TNA) but it never went beyond talks.

A TNA source said: “All conversations with talents start with, ‘Are you under contract?’ If the answer is Yes, we don’t go any further, ever.’

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  1. BeastieRunner says:

    WWE already raided all the goods ones …

  2. some guy says:

    TNA raiding ROH? Oh gee its not like they haven’t done that before

  3. Joe says:

    Even ROH talents won’t be able to stop that ship from sinking

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