Backstage Update – Vince Russo’s TNA Status

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According to sources, Vince Russo is involved with TNA and on their payroll as a consultant. However, the current creative team is headed up by John Gaburick. Gaburick’s three team members are David Lagana, Matt Conway, and Christy Hemme (who works with the Knockouts). The reported process for the team is that Gaburick sets the direction and comes up with ideas and helps with the team. The team then puts it to paper and writes a script.

Russo’s role is to reportedly offer ideas and critiques of the televised product. The report compares everything in WWE going through Vince McMahon to everything in TNA going through Vince Russo. So if there is an idea on iMPACT! Wrestling that appears to be Russo-esque, it’s possibly one that Gaburick received from Russo and opted to incorporate.

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  1. Necro Botcher says:

    Vince Russo was a great writer.

    For me to properly illustrate to you guys what a disappointment it was to see Russo write some of the greatest segments that any wrestling company has ever televised to writing anything for TNA….

    Imagine if Stanley Kubrick went from writing 2001: Space Odyssey to writing “There’s A Black Man In My Wife’s A*s: Double Penetration Edition.”

    He never should have attached his name to that embarrassing company.

    I can forgive Beaver Cleavage, but I can’t forgive that.

    Botcher, out.

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