Dixie Carter: ‘I Invented All Things Love!’

Dixie Carter posted the following on Twitter, claiming to “invent all the things you love,” and likely dropping a shot at the WWE. You can decide that for yourself…


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  • Calvin

    At first I was wondering what Ditzy was yammering on about and then it hit me. People say crazy things when they are in their final days so I expect TNA to die soon.

  • Necro Botcher


    This reminds me of when Al Gore claimed he invented the internet. Just stupider, more delusional, and more naive.

    Is there something in the water in Tennessee that makes you think you’re smarter than you are?

    Everything that comes out of a TNA mong’s mouth is rife with the Dunning–Kruger effect.

    Botcher, out.

  • VKM

    Wow this crazy Botch Is even more delusional then Creature of the Night.
    OMG, Ive figured it out Dixie Carter IS the creature of the night?!?!

    Vince created You and Your Stories and all of your Talent that draws the audience.



  • Kick in the head

    well… that confirms it. Dixie is f*cking insane.

    There are no words for this… shes just an idiot.

    • callmesomeone

      This actually confirms that she put the title on EY because of Daniel Bryan. She just admitted to ripping off WWE. This might be the dumbest thing she’s ever said

  • nivk

    Yeah…no. I’m sure this is kayfabe, but no.

    On a side note:
    While I enjoy this site, and have for many years now (7 I believe), your headlines are a little nonsensical sometimes. If youre going to quote something…please make sure its the actual quote. I don’t generally care where you get your stories as much as everyone else seems to. But watching you misquote stories is just poor judgement.

    “Dixie Carter: ‘I invented All Things Love’”

    And then via Twitter, I guess you forgot the words “the” and “you” since it says…
    “I invented all the things you LOVE!”

    Just a tip from someone who is constantly viewing your page. Unless you dont care…

  • Joe

    Chris Jericho is not impressed.

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