Dixie Carter/Tommy Dreamer Twitter ‘War Of Words’

Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer recently took some shots at each other on Twitter after Bully Ray was pulled from a House of Hardcore event over the weekend. They wrote:


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  • Nomad

    Ugh. I loathe that woman. She’d fail at any venture not backed by her parents.


    Tommy Dreamer does have more Twitter followers. Dixie made an absolute fool of herself.

  • Mag

    Looks like Dreamer got the better of her on this one. Just a perfect example of how idiotic this woma is, and why her company fails. Vince McMahon would never take to twitter to argue with previous talent on an issue. How devoid of self confidence must u be to take something like Dreamer calling her out at an Indy show personally? AS I always say, can’t wait for TNA’s doors to shut for good. This woman does not deserve a company and the responsibility to ensure people make a living.

    • JIM PIM

      Not to mention she went to Twitter and then had somebody make a complete fool of her.

  • Joe

    Dixie Carter, everybody! At her very best! BNB should cut a promo on her

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