Eric Bischoff: ‘I Loved Working With Austin Aries!’

In the latest edition of Bischoff on Wrestling, Eric Bischoff addressed rumors that Austin Aries was hard to work with and said that he enjoyed working with him.

He said: “I like Austin as a person. I loved working with him. He’s different. He’s a different cat. He’s very independent and will tell you exactly what he thinks. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He’s not rude or crude or abusive but he’s also not a political animal either. He’s got a very strong vision for himself and a lot of confidence in himself. All of that being said, as much as I like and respect Austin, yes I can see it all. I’ve seen glimpses of it and in some cases more than glimpses. Austin and I have always gotten along. Even when we had differences of opinion creatively it was really, really constructive. There was a give and take. I have also seen Austin in situations where there wasn’t as much give and take. He doesn’t back down. He just doesn’t. I can see it.“

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