Hulk Hogan Says Sting Refuses To Go To WWE

Hulk Hogan recently did an interview with FSM Magazine. When asked about Sting, he said he tried to get Vince McMahon to sign him after WrestleMania III. Here are some highlights:

“I have unbelievable respect for Sting – he doesn’t realize how good he really is. Sting should have already had his New York (WWE) run. I’ll tell you something; when I got red-hot after WrestleMania III, I was begging Vince to get Sting in the WWF so I could turn heel at some point. He had the blonde hair, he was 10 times more athletic than me, and I believed this guy could have the same run as Hulkamania, but take it 10 times bigger. I was telling Vince (McMahon), ‘Let me get this guy over’, because after beating Andre, if they’d brought Sting in and had him beat me, it would have made him this tall (gestures with his hand above his head). But Sting wouldn’t come; we tried and tried, but he just would not jump. Vince even talked to him last year, but still Sting wouldn’t go.”


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  • SS

    And this is why deep down I dislike Sting…. I doubt he thinks about the fans.. because I assure you there isn’t a single wrestling fan who would not pay to see The Undertaker vs Sting at the Main event of Wrestlemania.

    • ravon

      This is why I dislike both Vince and Sting. I would pay to see undertaker v sting in hell in a cell at wrestlemania

    • Shane Mead

      So you hate someone for making a personal decision about their own life? Get over yourself dipshit

      • muddhole22

        Just because you don’t agree with an opinion doesn’t mean they’re a dipshit you giant douche. Stop being tough on the internet goof.

        • Wade Wilson

          people trying to be internet tough on a wrestling website is one of the funniest things I can think of.

      • Frank

        That’s MR. Dipshit to you!

  • Justin Da Best

    Sorry bud that will never happen, keep dreaming, Sting would never go to WWE to put over the undertaker and loose at wrestlemania. thats lame, sting hates the fact that WWE walked all over WCW back in 2001, Highly Doubt sting joins WWE EVER!!!

    • Nick Chrysostomou

      naw i think Sting is just too scared and being in the REAL big league.

      the WWE buying WCW thing is total crap and was many years ago thats no excuse.

      sting keeps saying he’d like to wrestle the undertaker but when he gets offered like 5 times he doesnt accept.

      • Justin da best

        buddy its too late for these two to wrestle. the undertaker is like 80 years old, he’s done after this wrestlemania, or next years, Also go on youtube look up sting interviews and shit he DOES NOT LIKE THE FACT HOW WCW TALENT WAS USED IN WWF/WWE. its like wcw was a joke, sting dose not like that. think about it, you work your ass off in that company you worked years for, then treated like a tool. sting is smart for not going to wwe, much respect for him, TNA is shit though but they have young talent wanting to learn more, again i respect that. hogan and eric are killing it. Only a matter of time before WWE buys TNA and bum fucks the wrestling world. no lube lol

        • Justin da best

          Another thing WWE would have no clue how to use the sting character..

  • Wade Wilson

    Breaking News…Hulk Hogan is full of shit. He would never have put over anybody but himself.

    • Shane Mead

      Yet put over Goldberg, Lanny Poffo, Ultimate Warrior…should I go on? Another wrestling dummy I see

      • some guy

        Dont forget him allowing Taker to beat him not only once but twice for the title.

        • Shane Mead

          People are just sheep who follow what the read from other marks who have marketed themselves to appear like they are experts. The only experts are those who make a living off of wrestling and nobody really believes Hogan had to use politics during his WWF runs.

          • Guest

            Delusional much? Watch interviews with anyone from his era. Savage, Piper, etc… Hogan’s #1 priority has always been Hogan.

        • Guest

          Wanting to put someone over and being told to are drastically different things. There is a reason just about everyone on that list is from WWF.

      • Wade Wilson

        And you are the king of wrestling knowledge are you sweety??

        • Wade Wilson

          Shane Mead has no clue what he’s talking about so just ignore him.

  • targeted individuals

    You can’t blame sting vince shits all any and everything that is over that he didn’t create just ask booker t

    • muddhole22

      Yeah because booker never got a big push as king booker and he never won a world title in wwe right? And Goldberg didn’t when the world title either.. Oh wait. He just failed to get over in wwe with no charisma. How about jericho and big show who were both created in wcw. I’ll admit ddp was misused terribly tho.

      • KHOmega

        King Booker did indeed win the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Aggynu

    Hogan’s full of shit. Sting didn’t become a household name until he started feuding with the Horsemen in the early 90′s. In 87, he was fresh off the Blade Runners tag team with Warrior, who was initially the bigger star of the two. Leave it to hogan to try and sell u stink as a fragrance.

    • Shane Mead

      Hogan never said Sting was a star at the time…is English your second of third language? Also Sting started getting his push in 1987, ending that year wrestling Ric Flair. So your wrestling IQ is as bad as your reading skills

      • PB1978

        I love the irony of someone slagging off someone else by asking them “is English your second OF third language”.

      • Wade Wilson

        Shane Mead must have sucked Hogan’s cock at least once in his life to defend him this much. Hogan is/was the biggest politician in the buisness

    • Guest

      Hogan is always full of shit. The first clue was his begging to put someone over.

  • Lets be real

    Anything that comes out of Hogans mouth is bullshit, this is a guy who is incapable of telling the truth.

  • asdfasdf

    If Sting was to debut, I’ve always imagined him appearing at Wrestlemania 24 behind HBK before he deliver the kick to Ric Flair.

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