James Storm: ‘I Had A Great Meeting With Viacom’

James Storm posted the following to Twitter, revealing that he had a meeting with media conglomerate Viacom today. Viacom owns the various MTV and VH1 channels, CMT, Logo, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, TV Land, Epix (alongside Lionsgate & MGM), BET, Centric and Spike TV.

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  1. Asshole says:

    Spike will be on BET. James Storm and the like soooo fit that demo.

    • callmesomeone says:

      I’m just waiting for Storm to change his name to Akeam the Tennessee Dream

    • katep864 says:

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  2. katep864 says:


  3. Calvin says:

    Sounds like James Storm has a backup plan once Impact is cancelled. What kind of show are they offering him?

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