Jesse Neal Reacts To Wal-Mart Criticism – Details

Former TNA talent Jesse Neal posted the following on Twitter after reports surfaced that he was now working at Wal-Mart…

“It’s funny how ppl make fun about real jobs and wrestlers we r human too and I have a family to provide for. So YES I man up and provide. The biggest joke of all is I get paid way more at Walmart then I ever did in TNA and on time. #whatawasteoftime #PrintThat I started wrestling to live a dream/make money/tell stories/learn as much as I can to give back to the people. Which I was as a kid. Don’t think that this is bitterness or pissed I’m not on their show anymore. Cuz remember I left them they didn’t leave me. #truth I’m still wrestling an loving it Having more fun then I’ve ever had There’s a lot of lies going around its just time ppl heard the #truth”

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  1. shanomac33 says:

    Makes more at Walmart than with tna that’s just sad. Good to see Dixie takes care of her employees -_-

  2. Roll tide says:

    How many butts has TNA put in seats as a company lately. I am sure he see’s more people at midnight in wal-mart!

  3. Kick in the head says:

    So what if the guy works at Wall Mart, dude is making a living and im sure better days are coming.

  4. Necro Botcher says:

    “The biggest joke of all is I get paid way more at Walmart then I ever did in TNA and on time.”


  5. Ahmz Cro says:

    He’s just a human being trying to make do in this world. TNA obviously paid him less than what he makes now and he should not be mocked for that.

    He only mentioned that because people assume he was making more money at TNA.

    He doesn’t deserve the belittlement because he works at Wallmart.

  6. VKM says:

    I respect Jesse and anyone who works, instead of sitting around collecting welfare. And his statement about how Walmart pays more then Totally No Action, and pays on time doesnt surprise me at all.

    TNA isnt wrestling, its a turdfest of former WWE hasbeens, and Nobodies pretending to be wrestlers, and its run by an incompetent ditz, and if her Daddy wasnt pumping money into it, Spike TV would have cancelled it years ago instead of cancelling it in the coming months.


  7. Colonel Duke LaCrosse says:

    The dude is working, he just had a baby, and he is doing what he has to in order to provide for them. I see nothing wrong with that. There is no shame in setting your pride aside to take a job that others may see as demeaning. I’d rather have 1000 men like Jesse in the world and less people who pop another kid out as soon as their welfare checks are close to coming to an end.

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