Jimmy’s Seafood Upset With GFW Over Hardys?, Taz

— Low-Ki, Trevor Lee and Sonjay Dutt will be on this week’s GFW conference call, which takes place today (Wednesday) at 1 PM ET.

— According to sources, GFW approached Jimmy’s Seafood (a popular Maryland eatery) about a possible partnership. The company got a response from the restaurant owner saying that restaurant would be glad to when they release “The Broken Universe” to the Hardy family.

— Taz announced during this morning’s edition of The Taz Show on CBS Radio that he would soon be undergoing surgery on his hand in an attempt to repair nerve damage that has led to a loss of feeling and an inability to grip with right hand. The hand issue is a result of nerve damage in his neck from his wrestling days. He noted that he will have to miss a few episodes of his radio show when he goes in for surgery.

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