Kurt Angle Accuses WWE Of ‘Lifting’ Ideas From TNA

TNA’s Kurt Angle posted the following on Twitter last night, accusing WWE of “lifting” ideas from TNA…

“Staged ‘affair’ between A.J. Lee & @JohnCena, w/date pic & hotel video? WWE outright lifting TNA concepts?”

He later deleted the posts.

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  1. meeeee says:

    Lol it doesn’t count if ppl dnt watch tna

  2. SupermaN says:

    lol exactly. more ppl saw the cena/aj thing then all of the styles/lynch thing combined. at least wwe didnt hire a random horrible fuckin actress that had nothing to do with wrestling.

  3. El Caliente says:

    Cena’s ex wife accused him of having an affair or so did the rumors in the dirtsheets proclaim this is the WWE creating a storyline similar to the Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita storyline..Kurt Angle is just a clueless drunk that should learn to stay away from the social media while intoxicated..deleting tweets what a cowardly act

  4. Phillay632 says:

    There’s no denying it. You WWE marks can say what you want, but WWE blatantly ripped off TNA. Everything was exactly identical to the amateur footage of Dixie Carter at the hotel with AJ Styles.

    • Necro Botcher says:

      Meh, TNA has been ganking from WWE for years so the way I see it, this is WWE’s one to TNA’s 10,000.

    • SupermaN says:

      It was not exactly the same. Theres no “fake pregnant crackhead” in this
      one. The video of styles n dixie showed styles pulling in dixie
      seductively into a hotel room. This has aj following cena normally into
      an elevator. They tried to make it seem like styles was fuckin dixie in
      their clip. cena n aj’s video has none of that

  5. Drew says:

    Big deal, that is what rivals do and that is copying off each other. Hasn’t TNA been lifting ideas from WWE for years or does that not count since they are still the little guy trying to get as big as WWE?

    • John says:

      they have taken ideas from WCW.. not WWE.. get your shit straight idiot.

      • Drew says:

        So what? Companies copy off each other in some form and copy off companies that are no longer around. All I asked was a question yet you try to insult me, why? I feel sorry for you calling me an idiot cause well the internet gives people the opportunity to be pricks for no reason rather then simply correcting someone’s question or opinion. Go out and get laid or something you feel better.

  6. ChrisOrton says:

    Haha so true what ‘meeeee’ said. I actually smiled and laughed when I read that. Anyway, WWE are even scared to run the Survivor Series PPV with the amount of ‘faction’ storylines tna have coughed up, so maybe this balances the universe somewhat…

  7. John says:

    WWE Steals idea from WCW, WWF (Their former self) and TNA… but wwe sheeps will never accept it.

    • Michaila says:

      the wwf and the wwe are the same thing ok vince owned wwf wwe and wcw so theyre allowed to take old ideas. and not only has tna been stealing ideas from wwe for years, tna has been stealing old washed up wrestlers from wwe too. tna is the worst offender in stealing ideas

  8. Shane Mead says:

    WWE fans are sheep and will defend it to the death

    • Drew says:

      I’m a WWE fan and I”m not defending it to death. Mind you you wil get some fans who are like some religious believers like batshit crazy who will defend it to the death and make the majority look bad. I bet some TNA fans are like that too along with the fan base of other wrestling companies.

  9. I don’t care as long is it turns out good. I watch TNA and love it, WWE on the other hand, I just can’t watch it anymore. I actually tried to watch RAW a few weeks ago, and I saw Kane, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and a few others jumping up and down in the ring arguing like a bunch of kids. It quickly reminded me why I stopped watching. Anyway, they rip off of each other all the time, neither company is perfect so I don’t see the big deal.

  10. Sheep says:


  11. Joe says:

    pot calling kettle black comes to mind.

  12. jim says:

    I’m sure the mid-carder biker gang gimmick has never been done either.

  13. SupermaN says:

    Nice 3 man Announce Team this week TNA. They have a horrible fake michael cole now lol

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