Kurt Angle Reveals When He Plans To Retire

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Kurt Angle revealed in an interview on Thursday that he plans to hang up the boots for good in three years.

“I’ve got two more years left at Impact Wrestling and then I’m going to have a retirement year and that’s going to be it. I think I’ll be done and once I retire, you’re not going to see me back in a ring again, that’s for sure,” said the 44-year-old grappler. “I’m not going to be a guy that retires and keeps coming back. When I’m gone, I’m gone. Same thing as amateur wrestling; when I won the world championships in Olympics, I left and I never went back. Same for pro.”

Angle also discussed TNA’s UK tour thus far, British Boot Camp, King Mo, memories of his career and more.

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  1. the truth teller says:

    wait a minute, didn’t kurt try to join the olympic team this last year but had to quit because he got hurt? The more i hear out of his mouth the more i realize how little you can actually trust that comes out of it.

  2. BeastieRunner says:

    Translation for retirement year: Legends deal and a WWE run for the $$$$.

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