Kurt Angle Turns Down New TNA Contract Offer

Kurt Angle was a guest on Jim Ross’ podcast, During his appearance, he stated that his contract with TNA expires on September 21st. He also stated that TNA offered him a contact extension, but that he turned it down.

Angle noted that his next wrestling contract will be his last, and he feels he needs to think about what that means for who he signs with. During the podcast, he also stated that he should be ready to return to the ring in October.

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  1. Joe says:

    Either WWE or Jarrett’s new promotion…can’t see him signing with anyone else.

    One final match at Wrestlemania 31 with Daniel Bryan. That would steal the show; 2 great technical wrestlers having an old school wrestling match. Not to mention a great way of bringing the curtain down.

    • Frank St. John says:

      Jarrett couldn’t afford Kurt. It would be in Kurt’s Best Interest & would be “Best For Business” for The Olympic Gold Medalist” to go back to WWE at Survivor Series 2015, go to WWE HOF & win a Retirement Match against HHH at WM31 & then retire anyway!

  2. Shawn Harrington says:

    Daniel Bryan or CM Punk would be the best candidates for Angles final match but before that love to see one last o Cesaro or Swagger.uting with Brock Lesnar match or two with Del Rio and maybe put over some talent like Cesaro or Swagger. Maybe even a guy like Neville Or Zayn!

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