Rockstar Spud Addresses Russo & SpikeTV Issues

During a media conference call this past Thursday to promote the TNA One Night Only: Xtravaganza 2 pay-per-view, TNA star Rockstar Spud discussed the ongoing situation with the SpikeTV/TNA television deal. Spud confirmed that talks between the two sides are ongoing but it’s “not his department” and he’s only heard the same rumors we have.

When asked about Vince Russo, Spud said he seemed like a nice guy when they met. He said the reports surprised him and he appreciated the praise Russo gave him in a recent blog. Spud says they text back and forth as they are both pro wrestling fans.

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  1. Eric Rolin says:

    So did russo come up with your stupid name? Rockstar spud vs stone cold steve austin. Do you see how dumb that sounds. Change your name dude.

    • some guy says:

      Sadly no. He was already competing in the UK where he comes from as Rockstar Spud.

    • Barnaby Jones says:

      He is 5’4″, I’m pretty sure he knows he’s not going to be main eventing anything major. He knows that the only way he could have any kind of role in wrestling is as a comedy act and he rolled with. I don’t really like his character but you can’t hate a dude for playing a role.

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