ROH To Replace TNA At Annual MCU Field Event

An annual wrestling event presented at The Brooklyn Cyclones’ MCU Field in New York, which has been promoted by TNA for years, will be presented by Ring of Honor this time.

ROH will debut at the venue on August 16.

No word on why TNA isn’t going to run an event at MCU field this year.

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  1. The Realist says:

    ….they cant afford it, duh!

    • Justin J. Mascari says:

      Words out of my mouth. The fact there’s pay issues, asking others to take pay cuts, that is a good indicator they can’t do what they used to do anymore. And cutting back on those big monthly PPVs, I see that it’s REALLY saving money. And how many originals are left? From the interview with Eric Young, apparently just 4. That’s pretty sad. Style’s promo he cut way back on deserving better and whatnot, seems to have valid points.

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