Russo Lashes Out – Claims He’s Going To Reveal All!

We published a report yesterday saying that Vince Russo was actually fired from TNA by John Gaburick and did not, as Russo says, leave on his own terms.

Now, Russo has gone on the offensive on Twitter. Russo posted the following to his Twitter account, using the “unnamed sources are crap” excuse. It is worth noting that while we all disdain the “anonymous source” excuse (believe me, we would love to have sources we can identify), many sources for journalism across various fields stay anonymous because they fear for their jobs if they are revealed. That’s not an attempt to comment on the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of the original report, but instead an attempt to explain why we’ll never hear “This specific person from TNA has revealed…”

Russo added the following to Twitter, promoting a new column on the VIP section of his website which claims to have information on his exit:

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  1. Nick says:

    If you can’t name your “source” then you have no credibility. You could be making it up. If you cant state your source then don’t report it. You have nothing, claims need to be backed up, if you can’t say who said it, you can’t back it up. That’s the problem with these amateur “reporters” they don’t understand. It’s like turning in a report with no bibliography. You fail. I agree with Russo, and most of you need to learn that, by saying something with nothing to back it up, your really saying nothing, and only appeal to the brainless.

    • Nick says:

      Don’t be the national enquirer.

    • ℰ ɱ ɨ ɭ ӌ says:

      Where to start…

      There is a huge difference between journalism and a report you would turn into school. Yes, if you are in a college classroom writing a factual essay you will want to site all your sources credibly. The world however isn’t as nice as a simple essay. There is a reason they are called “dirt sheets.” People, bosses, don’t tend to enjoy dirt being dug up. A source working for the company can be fired for digging up dirt. News still has to get out though, so these sources must remain anonymous for safety.

      It’s not just amateur reporters, New York Times has relied on anonymous sources since it’s creation. The Pentagon Papers, Watergate, CIA overseas detention sites, etc. all were made public thanks to anonymous sources.

      As a great professor once said, “There is a time and place for everything,” Just because your high school teachers taught you to site your sources doesn’t mean everything needs clear cut sources.

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  2. callmesomeone says:

    Did this site really just compare dirt sheets to journalism? You’re covering professional wrestling not war in Gaza. Also did Russo claim his phone was tapped? Give me a break….this guy is more full of crap than a sewer system. Whatever happened to that guy who claimed to be born again? .I

    • Nick says:

      Didn’t say i liked the guy, just that i agree with him, there has been a lot of bad reporting lately! I know I’m not the only person that feels that way either. Speculation isnt news, its gossip and should be treated as such, with a grain of salt. Just because you want something to be true doesn’t make it true.

      • Nick says:

        I don’t like or not like Russo, I don’t know him. Just try to be realistic

        • Nick says:

          Oh and this is technically journalism, just bad journalism.

        • callmesomeone says:

          My point was Russo is pretending once again that everyone is against him for some reason. He’s the reason! He’s a phony! I understand and fully accept that wrestling is staged and everything you see is a work. But that’s where Russo and the rest of us part ways.. He truly believes that life is a stage and everything in it has to be worked. The dude is unbelievable. He just needs to go away. His 15 minutes were up when he left the WWF in the 90’s. He’s killed everything he’s touched since then

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