**SPOILERS** TNA Heavyweight Tournament Results

Credit: Billy Krotchsen & PWInsider

* Mr. Anderson defeated James Storm.

* Samoa Joe defeated Jeff Hardy.

* Austin Aries defeated Kurt Angle. Angle’s hamstring was taped and he looked like he was working hurt.

* James Storm defeated Bully Ray when Devon interfered, causing Ray’s DQ when he hit Storm with a hammer.

* Bobby Roode defeated Sting via submission.

* Samoa Joe defeated Austin Aries.

* Bobby Roode defeated James Storm following low blow and submission.

Xplosion: * Crimson defeated Sam Shaw. Half the building left at this point.

* Bobby Roode defeated Samoa Joe.

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  1. heyypal says:

    So I guess this will air after a face has won the world title ?

  2. BeastieRunner says:

    Sting tapped? Roode/Joe in the Main Event? I like this bizarro TNA!

  3. JIVE says:

    how did james storm face bobby roode is the second round if he lost to mr anderson in the first?? Which is the correct info?

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