**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Next Week

Credit: Pwtorch

-All matches are qualifying contests for the Bound for Glory series.

Joseph Park def. Crimson

Magnus def. Matt Morgan, Rob Terry & Kenny King

-Velvet Sky confronted Mickie James and announced that she has been medically cleared to compete

Bad Influence def. Gunner & James Storm. Daniels used one of the title belts with a distracted referee.

-Hulk Hogan announced that next week is Open Fight Night, and the fans would be voting between Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode as to which will get the first call out of the Bound for Glory series. He also announced a battle royale between all the Aces & Eights members, to determine a spot in the series.

Austin Aries def. Eric Young

-Sting came out and said that because nobody helped him at Slammiversary, he was bringing back the Main Event Mafia to get his back..

Ken Anderson won the Aces & Eights battle royale. All members except for D.O.C. threw themselves out to give Anderson the win.

AJ Styles def. Kurt Angle

-After the match, the Aces & Eights beat up Kurt Angle. AJ simply left without doing anything. Rampage Jackson came out for the save, with a chain, and chased them off.

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  1. Lord Alfred Hayes says:

    How they hell are they going pull MEM off? Booker works for WWE, Steiner hates TNA, Nash won’t work for TNA because he secretly dreams WWE will bring him back…

  2. Vince McMahon says:

    LMFAO wow does TNA Suck. They have to rely on 54 year old Sting to carry their Company. Now they are going to have a bunch of elderly men take on a group of Fake Bikers. No wonder Wrestling fans dont watch that crap.

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