**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Thursday

Report by Billy Krotchsen & PWInsider

TNA Impact spoilers for 3/22:

*Dixie Carter comes out and announces her intentions of firing TNA champion Bobby Roode. Sting comes out and asks her not to, saying it would be the easy way out for Roode and that she needs to let James Storm take him out at Lockdown. Sting then announces he is stepping down as an authority figure as he cannot do it and wrestle. He then suggests Dixie bring back Hulk Hogan to run the company.

*James Storm cut a promo about facing Roode at Lockdown, promising to win the belt. Someone representing Roode comes out and says the champion won’t be seen until the PPV as he doesn’t have to contractually appear until them. This ends up with Storm being told he has to wrestle Chris Daniels and Kazarian in a handicap match. Roode lays out the rep.

*TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions Eric Young and ODB defeated Rosita and Sarita.

*X Division champ Austin Aries vs. Anthony Nese vs. Zema Ion vs. Kid Kash goes to a no contest when Bully Ray hit the ring and declared that this could happen again, anytime, any place to anyone.

*TNA Tag Team champions Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Mexican America. Rosita and Sarita interfered in the match but Josh Lewis from SpikeTV’s Repo Games ran out to the ring and stopped them and carried them out.

*Three Minute Challenge: Kurt Angle vs Garett Bischoff. Gunner attacked Bischoff towards the end of the three minutes, which brought out Jeff Hardy.

*James Storm defeated Daniels and Kazarian in a handicap match.

*They close the show with Hulk Hogan returning as Sting pleads with Dixie that Hogan is a changed man and should be placed back in charge.

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