**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results For Tonight

Source: JJ & Prowrestling.net

JJ noted that the live crowd is bigger than he would have imagined. He noted that the venue opened last year and has hosted sold out shows for Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, The Eagles, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake. The top tier of the building is tarped off, but while he expected the second level to be tarped off, it was filling up quickly prior to bell time.

The broadcast team made their entrances. The video screen seemed a little out of sync, but after the opening credits there seemed to be some standoff between Angle, Joe and Dixie’s henchmen backstage, but it flashed off very quickly.

Magnus and Rockstar Spud headed to the ring for a promo. Magnus got some great heel heat. Though it could be that he’s English. He said he saw off Sting like he did Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles. He spoke about “thinning of the herd” by Dixie, ridding TNA of the dinosaurs to make way for the new stars like Bro-Mans, Zema Ion, Spud, and Magnus. He said he singlehandedly eliminated the above faces. EC3 took exception to that.

They were interrupted by Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle. Angle and Joe came out to huge reception. The heels exited. Angle was super over. He said they were there to avenge the “screwing of the herd”. He said Magnus is a paper champion. Loud “paper champion” chant. He said he regrets accepting Magnus into the Main Event Mafia.

Magnus said he’s a somebody and Kurt can’t accept that he’s champion. Joe said they’ve come to Glasgow to fight, and a tag match was set with Angle and Joe vs. Magnus and EC3. Magnus issued the challenge. If heels win, then Angle and Joe are gone! Joe suggests that whoever pins Magnus gets a title shot. Hot opening.

Hold on. Dixie Carter the match isn’t happening. Magnus wasn’t happy. Dixie said there’s too much going on with the investor arriving and she can’t risk him losing the title to Angle or Joe. Magnus made the match anyway. That seemed a bit confusing…

We can hear but not see what’s happening backstage. That was a mess. Something about the Wolves waiting for the investor to arrive?…

1. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne beat Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa. Velvet pinned Gail clean. Very short match…

Chris Sabin came out berating Velvet, saying he hadn’t heard from her since last week. He suggested she’s gone crazy due to PMS. He demanded an apology and a massage. Loud no chants! Velvet said, “We’re done!”…

Ugh. The video screen seems screwed. Audio but no visual. Kurt was threatening someone not to interfere tonight. Sounded like Bobby Roode…

James Storm was super over. He detailed his history with Gunner before it fell apart and called him out so he could put an end to it. Gunner said they both had a goal to be great, and they achieved that as a team and that when he won the briefcase something changed. He said he had to make a decision for his family, and Storm would have done the same. He said he learned in the Marines that you don’t fight for the government, you fight for the man standing beside you. Storm said he knows Gunner is a great man and a hell of a wrestler. He said his kids are most important thing, and his daughter asked him why he’s mad at Gunner. He said he has Gunner’s back. They shook hands.

Bad Influence came out to cause trouble. Daniels said James Storm is a liar who wants beer, attention, and ugly fat women. And the TNA title. He challenged them to a tag match with the briefcase at stake…

2. James Storm and Gunner defeated Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. Gunner pinned Kaz clean and it looked like he and Gunner are an item again…

There was more backstage footage that we couldn’t see. Dixie sounded upset with Spud and demanded that he find out who the investor is…

You Me At Six are at ringside. I don’t know who they are, but seemingly they have the no. 1 album in the UK… With the top tier curtained off, this is a full house for the tickets they did sell. Very impressive. I don’t know how much that tier holds, but I’d guess we’re talking in the ball park of somewhere between 4,000-8,000 attendance…

Very long break here. Wish I’d gone to the bar! Spud came out to break the monotony. I never thought I’d say that. He heeled up the Scotland-England rivalry, which got the crowd going. He said he was there to find out who the investor is. He called out the Wolves. Spud complimented them on wearing their dad’s best suits and then asked who the investor is. Silence. He interrogated them “like Magnum PI” and reminded them that he’s Dixie’s Chief of Staff. Spud was actually hilarious. Spud slapped one of them as he went crazy. The suit jackets came off and the Wolves attacked Spud. They told Spud to tell Dixie that she’ll find out who the investor is later. They said that the investor is very interested in the main event, and any wrestler who interferes will be fired…

Video screen is finally working! EY/Abyss recap.

3. Bro-Mans beat Abyss and Eric Young by DQ to retain the TNA Tag Titles. I hate both these acts, but the crowd loved Abyss. Abyss was DQ’d for attacking the referee. He chokeslammed EY after the match. The whole match was basically telling the story of EY’s struggle to control Abyss. EY said they have one experiment left – they’re going to get crazy. “I invented crazy!” Monsters Ball next week…

Backstage the Wolves were standing by a people carrier. I guess the investor is here. Someone was shown pushing a coffin. It appeared to be Bully Ray…

There was a video detailing some kind of encounter between Sam Shaw and Christy at his home. I think he pulled a strand of her hair then disappeared into a darkened room while she got them some wine. The lights were turned on and it was some sort of shrine to Christy with photographs everywhere…

Bully Ray came to the ring while pushing the coffin down the ramp. He outlined his past as President of Aces and Eights and TNA champion, and spoke about how Anderson took it all away. He said he tried to break Anderson’s neck, but he keeps coming back. Ray challenged Anderson to a coffin match. Anderson walked down to the coffin. Bully Ray had left the ring and they both stood over it. Anderson asked him what happens after Ray puts him in the coffin. “Maybe I’ll piledrive your wife and kids.” Man! Anderson said he is sick of Bully’s talking; says he’ll do the fans a favour and shut his mouth. “By the way, my wife and kids say hi.” Anderson attacked Bully. They went to the ring and Anderson had a chair. Bully chickened out and left…

There was some backstage tension between Magnus and EC3. Magnus said he’s not thrilled about tagging with a green rookie in such a big match. Magnus told him to go and cry to aunt Dixie. Dixie walked in and Magnus changed his tune…

4. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle defeated Magnus and Ethan Carter III. Joe made Magnus tap, meaning Joe is the No. 1 contender for the TNA Title per the match stipulations. Another clean finish! Is this really TNA?! Favourite insult of the night from a Glaswegian to Magnus: “Away back to Gladiators, Magnus!” Another interjects: “You were a shite Gladiator!”

Dixie went ballistic. Joe reminded Magnus that he is now number one contender. There was a loud “you tapped out” chant. “Shine my belt son, cause Joe’s gonna kill you!” Angle said that nights like these make the pain worthwhile. Kurt hyped his HOF induction for London.

Dixie demanded the investor show his face. The arena went dark and…It’s MVP! It appears the show goes off the air here.

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  1. Creature_of_the_Night says:

    (scratching head)

    (look of confusion on face)

    I just don’t get it.

    Where are the snarky smarks’ pictures of the crowd in the arena at last night’s IMPACT Wrestling.

    Can’t seem to find any.

    Just sayin.

  2. Creature_of_the_Night says:

    TNA is sooooooo much more interesting than WWE.

    Last night was a great show.

    Call me crazy, but the highlight of the night for me was that Storm/Gunner segment – good stuff.

    Let’s make a little list:

    1. Hogan……….gone.
    2. Sting………….gone.
    3. Young new world champion with all the potential in the world.
    5. Samoa Joe getting a nice push and a lot of tv time.
    6. Bully wore a Motorhead sweatshirt last night – that is worth points – seen them in concert twice.
    7. The Bully/Anderson segment was great last night.
    8. Young guys and TNA originals galore being featured with tv time.
    9. Abyss is back!!!!
    10. The young Sam Shaw is wonderfully creepy 🙂
    11. EC3 and the Bro Mans have been doing great.
    12. Gunner has a world title briefcase – who’d a thunk it????
    13. Bischoff……….gone.

    Last night as I was watching the show – one word kept coming to mind ……..FRESH!

    Then maybe NEW!

    If you can’t as a wrestling fan be happy about the things on the list above, turn in your wrestling fan card.

    Last night’s show was better than the Genesis shows – the crowd was hot and it looked great. TNA is truly international.

    Bottom line is this – a lot of things that the IWC and Universe were clamoring for and bashing TNA over, TNA has fixed and done.

    Yet, do you see people getting excited and giving TNA credit over this.


    Same immature bashing from the Universe.


    Pathetic actually.

    Not giving credit where it’s due.

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