The Updated Card For Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice PPV

Here is the updated card for this Sunday night’s TNA Sacrifice pay-per-view:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Eric Young vs. Magnus

Tag Team Match:
Willow and Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter and Spud

Tables Match:
Bobby Roode vs Bully Ray

Knockouts Championship:
Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne

X Division Championship (Match 3):
Sanada vs. Tigre Uno

I-Quit Match:
James Storm vs Gunner

Committed Match:
Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw

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  1. HomeTeam says:

    Puts the ‘Mania card to shame….NOT


  2. Necro Botcher says:

    The only way this show could be any worse is if you were forced to watch it while receiving a back massage from Jerry Sandusky and he reached around every time something lame happened.

    I remember a time when TNA, admittedly, had a pretty stacked roster.

    Now you have three guys who anyone would recognize. The Boy Who Cried TMZ, the Uwe Boll monster, and the white Dudley with the Gilbert Gottfried voice. Who are now all irrelevant losers.

    Garbage card from top to bottom, but TNA is the STD of the wrestling world that just won’t clear up.

    I’ll be the Cefixime if I must.

    Botcher, out.

  3. HULK HOGAN says:

    Wow what complete garbage. Kurt Angle should be ashamed to be associated with this nonsense.

  4. That guy says:

    A committed match? Really? What does that entail exactly?

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