TNA House Show Results 3.28.14: Lincoln, NE

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TNA returned to Lincoln’s Pershing Center for the first time in almost four years on Friday. It will be the last time, since the old building will be hosting its final events this summer. I’d estimate the crowd at 700.

1. Davey Richards pinned Samuel Shaw. Jeremy Borash was doing his usual spiel about the loudest fans getting backstage passes. Shaw came out in his creepy mode, defying his “one-week suspension,” saying no one would get backstage. Richards came out to challene Shaw to a match, and if he won there would be backstage passes. Shaw agreed, but if he won there would be no passes. Another high-stakes TNA match. Richards pinned Shaw after a back-and-forth match with a few sloppy moments.

2. Knockouts champion Madison Rayne pinned Gail Kim. Kim said Madison is a horrible friend as shown by what the Beautiful People did to her on Impact on Thursday and she should just go home and be a mom. Rayne said she is a hot mom. After Rayne won, she rewarded referee Earl Hebner with a big kiss. In an oddity considering how the Knockouts title is passed around, Rayne also defended at the last house show in Lincoln.

3. Gunner pinned James Storm in a street fight. Patriotic time. Before the match, Gunner led the crowd in the pledge of allegiance. Storm brought a chair into the match, but eventually it cost him. He swung at Gunner, missed and had the chair bounce off the top rope and into his face. That allowed Gunner to hit his finisher. He was then going to have the crowd sing the national anthem, but Rockstar Spud came down and had security remove Gunner, sparing us all from each other’s bad singing.

4. Bully Ray defeated Bobby Roode in a tables match. Bully Ray convinced Earl Hebner prior to the start to change it from a “regular match” to a tables match. After powerbombing Roode through a table which had fortunately been placed under the ring in case of an impromptu tables match, Bully Ray brought a boy into the ring and gave him a small piece of the broken table that he signed.

5. The Wolves defeated tag champions Bro Mans by DQ. DJ Z tried to interfere during the match. Eventually it looked like double-duty Davey Richards had Jessie pinned, but Robbie pulled Earl Hebner out of the ring to break up the count and pushed him, resulting in the disqualification.

6. TNA champion Magnus pinned Samoa Joe. Rockstar Spud returned to provide a distraction, even jumping out of his wheelchair. Joe started chasing him around and then through the ring, giving Magnus an opportunity to hit him with a belt shot for the win. After Magnus left, Gunner returned to catch Spud and send him into the ring to Joe, who nailed a musclebuster.

After the main event, fans could pay to get pictures with Gunner and Joe. For an hour before the card, various wrestlers were available for autographs while DJ Z provided the music. TNA continues to put on fan-friendly house shows no matter how badly the TV show suffers.

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  1. Calvin says:




    • ViciousVR says:

      TNA is doing horribly bad now. For one of their house shows to draw 700 idiots, which is half the crowd of their 2nd biggest PPV of the year, shows that their product is garbage.

      Hell, last year, I went to a WWE house show in Los Angeles. Building was damn near sold out. And WWE’s 2nd biggest show of the year, SummerSlam, has already sold out. These stupid TNA fans need to see that their company can’t compete.

  2. kld102886 says:

    700? Wow. Terrible. Northeast Wrestling had over 2000 in a high school. Let me guess cotn no talent right? That’s why the match between AJ Styles and Matt Hardy tore the roof off that place. No promos during the show. Just wrestling for the people that love them and all the matches were great.

  3. Russo says:

    700, that shot was taken AFTER the fourth match (Bully vs Roode) just ended

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