TNA Live Event Tonight + Early iMPACT! Rating #’s

— TNA will hold an event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina tonight. Here is the official lineup:

*Tables Match: Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray
*Ethan Carter III vs. Willow
*TNA Tag Team Championship: BroMans (C) vs. The Wolves
*James Storm vs. Gunner
*Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Samoa Joe
*TNA Knockouts Championship: Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim

— This week’s episode of iMPACT! Wrestling had such a low rating that it failed to make the top 100 cable shows for the night in the 18-49 demographic. In fact, the three episodes of Cops that lead into iMPACT! actually beat it onto the list.

The show had 1,010,000 viewers, down from last week’s 1,415,000 viewers. This is the lowest audience for the show since March 20, when it had 997,000 viewers.

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  1. Necro Botcher says:

    Does TNA’s low ratings mean that it’s a terrible show?

    My friends, the answer is absolutely.

    TNA constantly sets the lowest, most mundane goals and they still fail to accomplish them.

    Something as simple as beating out COPS reruns when you’ve been around for 14 years. That level of failure is hard to wrap my mind around.

    What happened to their goal of being in actual arenas by 2014? Gyms and armories don’t count. I mean arenas like WWE.

    What happened to their long term goal of pulling a 2.0? They wanted to do that by 2011.

    What about something as simple as clearing an actual profit and being able to stand on your own two feet as a business?

    You know I’ve even seen Markie himself on here admit that it’s not the fact that TNA is really that good, it’s just the fact that it’s not WWE and that’s really why he likes it?

    Hand to God.

    The company really is garbage, and it will be gone soon.


    Botcher, out.

  2. Calvin says:

    My Easter just got so much better seeing this article!!

    Eric Young copying the WWE is failing miserably and that makes me happy!!

    Raw is still getting over a 3!!!!

    What an amazing weekend!!

    Has TNA got a contract from Spike yet?


  3. VM1976 says:

    What a complete disgrace. No wonder Spike hasn’t renewed their deal. I would imagine they’re talking with ROH and Jarrett’s new promotion. Enough of this pretaped drivel being filmed on a sound stage.

  4. HULK HOGAN says:

    The worst edition of WCW Saturday Night in history was much better than anything TNA puts out.

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