TNA Signs Wrestle-1’s Seiya Sanada – Details

Wrestle-1 in Japan announced today that Seiya Sanada has signed a contract with TNA.

Sanada is the current X-Division Champion, winning the title back in March. They noted that under the terms of the deal, Sanada will still make appearances for Wrestle-1.


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  • Justin J. Mascari

    Should it not say former X Division Champion? Didn’t he lose it to Austin Aries recently?

    • some guy

      It was stated on here that Sanada was leaving TNA so they had him drop the title to Aries.

      • Justin J. Mascari

        That’s what I was referring to, couldn’t remember offhand exactly. I appreciate reminder! Looks like he might have a rematch coming now.

        • some guy

          Not exactly a rematch against Aries since Aries dropped the title at Destination X TV taping

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