Update: Anthem Sends Hardys ‘Cease & Desist’ Letters

Source: Pwinsider

Here are some more details about what led Anthem to send cease and desist orders to The Hardys, Ring of Honor and PPV distributors over Matt and Jeff appearing as their “broken” characters. This led to the ROH PPV getting pulled from DISH Network and the Hardys toning down their act for the PPV itself. Reby Hardy has been trashing iMPACT! Wrestling and Anthem on social media while Hardy still uses parts of the character. According to Reby, The Hardys have full ownership of the gimmick.

A source claims that Hardy filing a trademark for “Broken Matt Hardy” is what caused Anthem Media to act. They believe that since Hardy wasn’t the only person to create the character (others involved include Dave Lagana, Matt Conway, Billy Corgan and more), others deserve part of the revenue. It’s possible this is Anthem’s way of getting money if the act is taken to other promotions, including WWE. They want to pressure Hardy into signing a deal that gives Anthem a percentage of profits made from the gimmick.

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