Update: Big Meeting At TNA Headquarters Yesterday

Okay so take this as a rumor for now, but it’s a pretty big rumor and is getting some traction around the internet, thus our reporting it to you. Dixie Carter held a meeting at TNA headquarters in Nashville on Saturday and it concerned the results of a meeting with Spike TV representatives on Thursday afternoon.

According to sources, multiple people close to both TNA and Spike TV have told them that Spike doesn’t want to renew its contact with TNA, which would mean that iMPACT! would be cancelled if they can’t find a new network very quickly. There’s no word on whether the negotiations are still trying to work out a last-minute deal or not.

TNA’s deal with Spike is reportedly set to expire in October. It’s important to note that the show is still under contract to air in other countries, but whether that would be economically feasible without the revenue from an American cable network or not is up in the air.

More on this story, obviously, as we learn more.

As noted earlier, Jim Ross posted the following to Twitter in reference to rumors that the relationship between Spike TV and TNA is in jeopardy:

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