Update: Kurt Angle Addresses A WWE Return

TSN 1290 recently interviewed Kurt Angle on his future in TNA and if he would ever return to WWE. When asked about the subject, Angle said that he is not sure what he would do next and added that he’s wide open about staying in TNA or returning to the WWE.

Angle said TNA has been great to him, but he has always wanted to retire from wrestling in the WWE. He also added that he will decide about where he ends up in December. Angle thinks he has “at least” five more years in the business, and he doesn’t want to retire yet because there are great wrestlers in WWE and TNA he’d still like to go in the ring with.

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  1. Necro Botcher says:

    Except in WWE he’d actually be working against relevant, credible wrestlers and not Little Lord Faunteleroy and the Uwe Boll monster.

    The man is a walking pile of scar tissue at this point however, and I don’t care if he ever comes back. TNA has sucked the life out of him and given him TNAIDS.

    Botcher, out.

    • Orlando Rivera says:

      You are telling people Roode, Joe, Aries are not credible? Wow that really shows how blind and willfully ignorant you are.

      • Darkshadow667 says:

        they are not entertaining either.

        • Orlando Rivera says:

          The Rock praises Roodes work, Stone Colds favorite wrestler is Samoa Joe, CM Punk loves AA, but yet that doesn’t mean anything right?

          • Darkshadow667 says:


          • Orlando Rivera says:

            Sure I’m impressed by your in-depth knowledge of the wrestling business Stone Cold, The Rock, and CM PUNK don’t know what they are talking about but you do

          • Darkshadow667 says:

            nope, they are talents, we are the fans, we know what we like better than they do.

  2. sic says:

    If he returns to WWE he should fued with Swagger over the US championship most logical idea and it makes the title relevant I’d they won’t just drop it all together

    • Frank says:

      Angle VS Swagger– Winner keeps possession of Ankle Lock, Loser retires. Kurt could then be put in WWE HOF, First Superstar in 2 different HOF’s

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