Update: Why TNA Made Eric Young TNA Champion

Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

Part of the reason that Eric Young was made TNA World Champion was so that they can do some cross promotion with his Animal Planet show, Off The Hook: Extreme Catches. Season three of the show debuts on Sunday June 16, and the plan is to spend the next two months getting Young over as champion to coincide with the return of the show.

TNA is also trying to move ahead by putting Eric Young’s goofy character from the past, in the past. They want to change his perception and repackage him as a credible champion in the eyes of the fans.


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  • Calvin

    Yep, I’m sure it had nothing to do with Daniel Bryan winning the belt.

    Nothing at all.

    • Necro Botcher

      Right on.

      This idiotic scrambling for excuses might fly with TNA mongs, but not with intelligent people like Cal and myself.

      The fact is he is a goofy character because he is a goofy person and nothing will change that.

      Winning two matches with a hurt shoulder?

      Yeah…sorry if I’m slow to buy that lame excuse.

      Aaron Hernandez’s alibi was more credible.

      Botcher, out.

      • Johnnymack

        Thats the part of him I liked. Didn’t they already make into a serious guy before.

        • Necro Botcher

          I don’t think they’ve ever known what to do with him.

      • Bobby

        Hi creature

  • Calvin

    Eric Young? Wasn’t that the clown that held a women’s title?

    Yeah, very credible champ you got there Ditzy!

    • Kick in the head

      2 posts???

      youre turning into you know who…

      • Calvin

        Bite your tongue!! Lol

      • Necro Botcher

        Except he makes like 6.

    • Nomad

      That’s just their booking . Young it’s a very talented guy who has been abused for years down there. He’s better than what they’ve done with him.

      • Calvin

        The same could be said for Santino but if they ever put the belt on him, I’d quit watching the WWE.

        • Nomad

          You just can’t hotshot him into that spot. He’d have to’ve built up.

    • some guy

      Don’t forget the beer drinking championship a horrible modified toy replica WWE title

  • Aggynu

    The list of WWE notables who at one time or another were jokes in their own rights, that went on to wear the belt include Dudelove/Cactus Jack/Mankind… JBL…. The MIZ…. THE ROCK, for crying out loud… and the owner, Vincent Kennedy MacMahon who put the belt on himself. But you’ll stop watching if Santino holds the gold. Riiiiiight. ~ I say again, you can tell the ones who grew up wacthing RAW, as opposed to a “real” wrestling fan.
    Even ones who don’t actually know the history of the company whose “A” they “k”.

    • Calvin

      Boy, I’m older than you.

      Don’t make me smack you.

      • Hughes Laughing @ You


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