Updated TNA Sacrifice Pay-Per-View Card Inside

TNA has announced new matches for Sacrifice, which airs on pay-per-view on April 27th from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Included among those is a rematch for the TNA Title, pitting new champion Eric Young against Magnus. The full card is below:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Eric Young vs. Magnus

Tag Team Match:
Willow and Kurt Angle vs. Ethan Carter and Spud

Tables Match:
Bobby Roode vs Bully Ray

Knockouts Championship:
Angelina Love vs Madison Rayne

X Division Championship (Match 3):
Sanada vs. Tigre Uno

I Quit Match:
James Storm vs Gunner

Committed Match:
Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw


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  • Calvin

    Looks just like a normal Impact.

    No thanks.

  • tna blows

    This has boring written all over it.

  • Necro Botcher

    This card looks worse than Ditzy Carter’s face lift and more boring than a PBS pledge drive.

    Enjoy it, you mongs.

    • Calvin

      Even the vermin won’t enjoy this episode of Impact!

  • Joe

    What the hell is a “committed match”?

    • Necro Botcher

      You should be committed if you like this garbage.

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