VIDEO: TNA Teases A New Talent Debuting

TNA posted the following video, which aired on iMPACT! last night and was a teaser for a new talent. My guess is Jessicka Havok but we’ll see.

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  1. tnasshole :D says:

    could be i did see Havok pop up 3 times

  2. VKM says:

    Im sure this guy will have a long bright future with tna.


  3. thetruthteller101 says:

    Does it really matter if spike drops them we won’t be able to watch the second rated show

  4. losevolution says:

    What will be the fastest announcement: the wrestler’s full name or TNA being officially dropped by Spike TV

  5. Old McDonald says:


  6. Darkshadow667 says:

    Today’s letter was K at the end so it is most likely HAVOK

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