Vince Russo Bringing Back Alter Ego – Vic Venom!

Vince Russo revealed on his official website that he’s bringing back his alter ego Vic Venom. Russo wrote as Venom for WWF Magazine for several years. The article is written as Venom.

Here is an excerpt: “Now, I get it, he had that naggin’ wife and his bratty brats to feed, and, no matter how much he despised what he was watchin’ on WWF TV, he had to tread carefully because he couldn’t afford to lose his job. But, Russo, Russo could just never keep his mouth shut–you know–that’s how us I-talians are—so, he had to figure out a way to make his opinion known—while protectin’ his spot in the company at the same time. Now, whether he’s a complete jerk, or not, you’ve got to give Russo his due here because this is what he did. HE CREATED ME—VIC VENOM—and the reason why was simple–his intention was to go in the WWF magazine, write about how crappy the product was, put MY NAME TO IT, and then get away with it by explaining to everybody that IT WAS ALL A WORK!!! And, you know what—the potato heads bought it!!! Under MY pen name, Russo was able to say whatever he wanted—without ever puttin’ his livelihood in jeopardy!!!”

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  1. callmesomeone says:

    Three things-
    1- No one cares about Russo or his 6 degrees of desperation as he tries stay relevant
    2- The only people who pay to read his crap are idiots like Ryan the pretend journalist and other various dirt sheet pinheads
    3- Just because you put an exclamation point at the end of a sentence does not mean it’s exciting. It makes you look as desperate as Vince the company killer Russo

  2. VKM says:

    Isnt Vic Venom the guy who fought Spiderman?

    Russo has finally lost it.

  3. Justin J. Mascari says:

    Doesn’t Vince own the rights to Vic Venom?

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